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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My first experience in *drum roll* ....


34 years of breathing oxygen on earth

Woman inside out
Occasional gardener
Mother to a pet
In house chef
and probably other hats that I wear and can't think of right now... 

Anyway, the point is - I have never, ever, sewed something to mark it as a milestone! Ever. 
I mean, I must have sewn a button or two but that's about it I guess. 

So when the time came to shorten the curtains that we just purchased, instead of sending it to a tailor, I decided I would give it a try. After all, the mini sewing machine I purchased almost a year ago (or probably even longer) has been lying around like a white elephant! 

Armed with only a mini sewing machine, scissors and an iron
My sewing results

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We bought walking shoes for myself from Bata quite a while back. Yes, "Power"! Haha  I started following the hubs for an occasional walk around our housing area and I always had aching feet and especially my toe, hurts like hell.  Approximately a week plus ago, I decided to allow hubs to be my trainer for one month. So I gotta follow what he says in terms of eating habits and exercise. Yes, that word, e.x.e.r.c.i.s.e!

The first time I went to the gym (I am only using their treadmill for now), omigod! My feet were horribly painful. I told him if this is what I have to go through everyday, I shall think twice. Long story short, we got me a new pair of shoes. Specifically for running. And guess what? The pain disappeared! Yeap. Just gone!

So please get the right shoes before you begin your walks / jogs / runs. It makes a difference for real.

Ahhh waiting for my cheat day to enjoy Magnum Gold ice cream!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Daily gratitude

We have started something new as a couple. It's been 3 nights now (as of Tue as I write this post to be scheduled). We each have a mini notebook (555) and a pen next to our bedside table. Before we sleep, we take 5 minutes to write what we are grateful for for the day. Before we begun, we thought we might not have much to write since it is daily. But wow, were we in for a surprise. Every night our list seem to be growing. You will realize you have many things to be grateful for. Having to open your eyes every morning is something to be grateful for. We let our unconscious to think of what to write. For me, I just hold the pen, and not think consciously. And I begin to write. You see, consciously I have many things. The air we breathe, we have shelter, I have eyes to see, etc etc. So when I let my unconscious to think just for the day, then it picks up things I am grateful for for that day. 

Try it out. Remember, gratitude equals abundance. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


As I sit here accompanying my mom in the clinic, I decided to update my blog. 
Ahh long overdue. It's been over a month I think! Damn. Talk about being consistent eh? 
Well, the chaos has taken over. Or rather we allowed it to take over. *meh* 

So what's been happening? A lot of things. The husband tried his hands in a few ventures, and nothing really stuck. There was a lot of friction going on between us as well. We used to fight almost everyday. It became exhausting. To the extend I started to despise having him around. I'd rather go out and spend the day alone somewhere. Now being from a NLP Coach (more on this later), I knew something was not right. 

So one day, I decided to fight it out. I told him let's do his values. Let's see what is important to his unconscious. He of course had to ask me to do it for him. It's a coach thingy. We can only help if you ask. So after a while, he asked. And we did it. 

To my shock, his top three values were stability / security, love and happiness. 
That is values in general. Now let me tell you my values specifically for finances. It were happiness, love and right at number ten was security. 

So you see the huge gap there? No wonder we've been arguing. No wonder he couldn't take it me being so laid back and cool about both of us not having a permanent job. No wonder I couldn't fathom what was eating him day in day out. He chose to quit. No one put a gun to his head. Yes, what he planned out didn't work out so well, but to me, everyday is a gift, just pick yourself up again and move on. Finally it came to light. Of course there was still an event that I haven't gotten over. Despite numerous attempts. Anyway, this is for another post. 

The hubs has been offered a job. The office is just mere 10 min away compared to 2 to 3 hours drive before this esp during peak hours. We haven't informed anyone as he is yet to receive an offer letter. All talk and no black and white is something we've learned. So let's wait and see. 

Hubs is someone who needs structure and order. Otherwise, it's chaotic. Everything goes haywire. So now we know, hubs is not cut out for solely doing his own thing. He has to have structure, order which gives him the stability and security and all his own thing he is doing can be done on a part time basis. 

Life. Never stops surprising us. What a gift!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Source: Google Images
We have always spoken that it would be damn cool to be working from home and owning our own business. When you want something, doesn't necessarily mean you will still want it when you get it. It was all great the first week or so, but then, 24/7 being with each other... is no joke. It took me some adjustments. I have a routine that I follow, the chores, the work etc. Now having hubs home, I chose to let those routine be gone. Which was obviously my doing. So now, we are slowly getting into a routine, together.  Hopefully in the next few days, we will be into a nice workable routine and our days won't be so chaotic anymore. It is not that we are busy all the time, it is just that our routines between each other were chaos. This made the days just go by us. Next thing we know, like now, it's already 5.45pm! 

Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos. - Stephen Sondheim