Thursday, August 25, 2011

asocial continued

Well, now back to the cousin that made me write the asocial post yesterday. 

We've always had calls for some kinda family gathering, or friend's party, or functions. But the ones who know us well, they know our answer to those invitations too. Just got a call yesterday of some gathering. And when I spoke to this cousin of mine, she knew my answer, even before I can say if we're going or not. 

Now, that's the kind of people who I think are worth keeping in touch with. It's okay to share stories of your life with them. They understand the way you are without scrutinizing you. And best of all, they let you be. They don't get upset if you don't show your face at their invitations. Hey, after all, the party still continues. So why frown over those who don't attend?

And for these kinda family and friends, we'll always be there for them.

To those who are reading this and know who The Mrs is, thank you for being who you are. 

To everyone else, remember, there might be friends of yours who are like us, asocial. Please don't judge them. They can be really good friends you know! 

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