Monday, August 29, 2011

Time of the month, again.

Yeap, it's the time of the month, again. I was having my spirits up. Not thinking about TTC. But then booom! It hit me yesterday - when I was suffering in pain because of cramps. Despite taking 500mg ponstans as advised by a specialist. 

I don't think about it also, it still doesn't happen. All tests of both me and hubby have been done. Everything is perfectly fine. We were told, I am too stressed about it. I tried to 'let go', yet, month after month, my hopes go down the drain. Ahhh wait a minute, I am still hoping. So now that's wrong too? 

The cramps are so bad. Now a friend asked me, why do you get it this bad? What can I say - I am the unlucky woman. I get UTI attacks like nobody's business. Despite doing whatever I can to avoid it, mind you. And oh, my cramps are the worst - to the extent of not being able to walk. The only way I feel less pain, is when I curl myself. 

Today I am battling it. Hoping the ponstans will help. But still, it's unbearable. Another trip to the doc? Maybe, I don't know yet. 

The battle continues.....

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