Friday, August 26, 2011

Womanly, Lady Like - Take Two...

I met a very good friend / big sister today. I've known her since year 2004 when I first joined company A, and she was our very reliable supplier. Over the years, she became more of a friend. And after 7 years, she is a very good friend. Even though we don't meet often, since I am no longer in company A, we still keep in touch. 

The more I get to know her, the more I find similarities. Yes, she's also, or should I say, was, like me when it came to the this department. But lately, she has made some really good changes. 

She totally was all out in me becoming more of a woman, or should I put it as more womanly.... Someone who loved myself too. Not just loving my partner in crime i.e. my husband :p   Encouragement coming from someone who is almost the same as me in this department,was worth it. Perhaps because it makes me realise it's not impossible.

Well, let's start with some cream on my hands every night.
Ha ha ha  (ok The Mrs, time to get serious about this!)

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