Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Womanly, Lady Like...

Yes, I am a woman! But errmmmm when it comes to all the girly stuff, I ain't part of it. My make up is less than 10 min. I don't do nothing with my hair. It's just the way it is. I have always been a tomboy. Used to ride my bike and even race from 1 spot to another. I have even raced in my little car so many times. And yes, I've won them too! I can change faulty plugs - yes, the 13 amp plugs, lights - check air pressure, batt water, black oil of a car, I am quite close to being a handy person at home.

Does that mean I am lesser a woman?

Well, to a certain extend, yes.

I wish I knew the art of make up, I wish I could have the patience to do my hair, I wish I would take more joy in wanting to go for facials etc. And yes, I wish I was more lady like.

But we all are in the learning curve aren't we?

I have learnt to be more polite, I have learnt to put on nail polish, I am learning to take care of my face, I have learnt to do threading often, I have learnt to shave my legs at the slightest hair I see....

 I still have A LOT more to learn..

But thanks to hubby dearest, who has always been supportive, I want to be more lady like. And I know, I will.

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