Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pedal Works

Finally I found a shoe shop that has my size! Yay!!

Everytime I enter a shoe shop, the first question I ask "What is your biggest size", when I hear "9", I walk out. Sachs, Primavera, Parkson shoe section, you name it. I once saw a shoe in Hush Puppies, really loved it but guess what? "Sorry, for this design we do not have size 10 or 11".

Yeap, yeap, what can I say? I have big feet!  :(

So when it comes to shoe shopping, I'd rather skip. Not that I like shopping in general, but hey, I am trying okay?  :)

Until someone mentioned to me about Pedal Works. Yeap, they cater for sizes up to size 12! Ain't that quaint? I went to their branch in Subang Parade. Hubby and I shortlisted 3 designs, but they only had stock for 1. Heck, better than going back empty handed! Shall try out their other outlets (either MidValley or KLCC).


  1. Am digging the shoes. My sister is a HUGE Pedalworks fan, she has the same complain as you do, how most shops dont cater to her size. She even has this loyalty card and is the first to be there when they have a sale, lol. The shoes are pretty cheap during sale!

  2. Yeap yeap! They gave me a loyalty card too! I can't wait to go when they have sales! Finally, a place where people like us can have fun shopping for shoes!!

  3. I am the opposite of your's. I had to ask for the smallest size. Pedal has mine size 3! hooray!

  4. Well, then thank God for Pedal Works! They cater even for the smallest sizes! It can be such a pain right - looking for a shoe of our sizes!


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