Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another new shoe!

We went to Subang Parade recently and I couldn't help but to walk into Pedal Works. I wanted to get a white & red shoe from their latest collection, but ended up choosing a different one instead!   ;)

Actually, it was hubby's pick. And what I was trying it on, he looked at me and said, that's a bit too high of a heel isn't it. I was like yeah it is, but let me walk and see.My first highest heel!

One thing I have realized about Pedal Works is that their shoes are very comfortable. I have worn this blue shoes a few times already, and I have never once experience aching feet (I mean, look at the heels man!). I had bought a shoe from Aldo, and I can't wear that for a long period. My feet aches! 

Maybe Pedal Works cater for those who indeed have big feet and are tall. Whatever it is, it's super comfy! 


  1. Your hubby has good taste!! My sis is a huge Pedal works fan, think I told you before. She just bought a pair yesterday I think, I really ought to check em out.

  2. Hahah yes, hubby is more into fashion than me! @_@
    You should check em out! I am sure your sis has gorgeous shoes!! Pedal Works rock! hahah


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