Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A lady boss

I am very fortunate to be working under a boss who is not only understanding, but very accommodating to my health issues as well. Generally people would think having a lady boss isn’t really a nice thing, but you’d be amazed at how some lady bosses can be. 

I have been working for the past 12 years, and by far, she is one of the best boss I’ve had. Even when it comes to work, she doesn’t monitor me 24/7. She knows if I am unsure of anything, I will definitely ask her. She also knows my character. I am very honest. Sometimes I can be too honest. I believe that honesty is the best policy indeed. To date, I have not even once told her a white lie, what more a lie. Whether it’s to do with why I am late to office, why I have to be on MC, why I am taking leave, why I have to get time off, why this why that. I believe that a working bond built on trust and respect, will take you a long way. I respect her a lot. I am in awe the way she carries out her duties. How she remembers every tiny detail. When you look at her, she doesn’t even look like a mom to three kids! Two of them are teenagers! And she isn’t that kind of rich working lady, who has maids at home. She goes home, cooks everyday for her family! And she is tip top every single day in office. I have not once seen her having a bad hair day or dress down. Never. 

On the other hand, I know of bosses who squeeze every single drop of blood and sweat out of you. Especially bosses who own the company.  I have seen my husband work, and the shit he gets, and I sit back and be grateful. 

I cannot imagine if my boss was not understanding towards our fertility issues. Why? Because of the amount of MCs, doctor’s appointments, ELs!! And if you are going through this journey, you would know that the appointments have to be on certain day cycle. If the doctor says you come in on Day 2 of your period, you gotta get your ass there on Day 2, otherwise you gotta miss one whole cycle and wait for next month.  Who would want to waste one whole month? I would have had to quit my job and that would be very taxing. 

To top it off, almost every month when I get my period, I have to be on MC - especially when I get my period on a working day. Now to most women, they just get PMS, but there are some unlucky ones like me, who get PMD. Yes, there's such thing as Pre Menstrual Disorder. Perhaps it's hereditary as my mom used to even faint when she gets her periods. So not all women will understand when other women say they suffer like hell during periods. I have always grown up thinking it's normal, since my mom used to suffer, but when doctors own self tell me it's not, and that I am just not like other 'normal' women... it's upsetting! 

I must have done something good that God gave me a very understanding boss during this time in my life when I need one the most due to this fertility journey. Thank you WCPY! There's no way my husband and I can repay your kindness and understanding. We can only wish that may God bless you always!

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