Thursday, May 3, 2012

Criticizing me just because I choose a healthier option?

What is wrong with some people? When you opt for a healthier lifestyle, they criticize!? What the fuck? Hello, if you aren't leading a healthy lifestyle, that's your wish. Do we say anything about it? We don't.

Yes, we used to be unhealthy too. But thank God we made a turning point now rather than die not because of old age, but because of unhealthy lifestyle. Yes, we never used to exercise. Yes, we never had the drive to rush home so that we can start our treadmill session. Yes, we never planned weekly swimming days. Yes, we ate a lot of KFC's, Pizza's, anything unhealthy out there.... and I mean A LOT. People looking at us would wonder, how can 2 person eat that much of food!

I started choosing a healthier option 7 years ago. No doubt, for as long as I have lived, home cooking was always a healthy version... but I still used to eat out a lot those days. I wasn't still healthy as I never exercised. Ever. Exercising was never in my dictionary. No wonder I easily get anxiety attacks, have had an abnormal heartbeat, lack of breath even if I walk a few steps of stairs etc.

I cook with less oil. I don't deep fry anything. I have never once used coconut milk in my cooking. Yes, even if I am making nasi lemak. If I am baking, I don't follow the recipe - esp in terms of sugar & oil or butter.

I use the treadmill everyday if possible. There are days I am just too lazy. We try to go swimming on a weekly basis. I watch what I eat now.

But does that mean I will never have my off days? Of course I will. No doubt. But at least most days I am leading a healthier lifestyle. If you have a problem with it, then it's not my loss in any way at all. Hey, you wanna feed your kid who is not even 1 year old McD, keropoks, ice creams - it's your kid, your decision. 

We have a history of people from each side of the family with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and the list goes on.... we might as well just be careful. Yes, there are people who smoke, who live till they are 90 even. But we just opt to believe we don't fall under that "lucky" category. After all, living a healthier lifestyle is very much fun! You won't know till you don't try it. So don't judge.

Made nasi lemak for lunch today for a couple of office colleagues and my boss! Was quite nervous at first, as do not know how they would take my version... but they enjoyed it!! 

Pan frying the raw peanuts

End result - with salt sprinkled. Despite only pan frying, I still had to change the kitchen towel tissue twice. Maybe I am just too particular!

Pan frying anchovies

End result. Yes, did the same with the kitchen towel tissue

All packed

The total package. My boss had made udang sambal. Told you, she is a great woman!

Low fat milk was used to make the rice. This idea of using low fat milk came from my sister in law. Oh, wait till I write about her! She is a superwoman! Other dishes included hard boiled eggs cut to halves, cucumbers, and ikan bilis sambal.

You know, I was thinking, when cooking using with so much oil, there's so much more cleaning up to do. Why do you want to give yourself that extra work? Cooking with less oil = lesser oily surfaces = lesser work! And mind you, I am even particular about the gas hob being squeaky clean. I love it when after I cook, the kitchen is so clean that it doesn't seem I just cooked a meal there! Yeah, call me crazy!


  1. Which idiot would critise one's choice of healthy living? Hubby was just nagging me about not exercising and watching my food as both my parents are diabetic. So I definitely need to go on the healthy road soon. Kudos to you for your discpline and wow that nasi lemak still looks very YUMMY despite the healthier way used to cook.

  2. Hahah there are many idiots out there! I believe it's in the choices you make. You can choose to have a burger from Burger King, or make a healthier version yourself. I have been wanting to have nasi lemak, but hubby kept saying I shouldn't if I am really serious about losing weight. So happen my boss wanted to have nasi lemak too, so I decided to make my version for lunch!


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