Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shopping and me?

Shopping and me? Nah, not for me. I cannot comprehend how some people can walk from shop to shop, looking at stuff they either plan to buy or just looking for fun. Or window shopping as you may call it. Hubby loves to shop. He loves to look around at stuff. I am the total opposite. 

Yes, I do shop. But my shopping is not going from one shop to another or looking around... Me? I know what I want, I look for it, buy, and I am out. Lol!
Even when he wanted to go to Pavillion, I sat at Starbucks. Updated my blog, checked emails & read tons of stuff online. Currently as I type this, we are in KLCC. I am sitting down at Cafe Vienna at a cozy sofa and using their wifi. Yeap, I just don't like window shopping.

Their decorative ceiling

We had lunch at Du Viet Restaurant & Cafe. We shared a spaghetti basil chicken & prawns and steamed wrapped rolls. Yes, now we can even share a meal. Gone are the days when even one meal each wasn't enough, and we would have to get more! Well, I was 71.0kg this morning, wouldn't wanna ruin that now would we? Hahah  Anyway, the food was good. It cost us RM53.70 including our mineral water bottles. Portion was quite big I must say. And they are very generous with their prawns and chicken.

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