Friday, July 20, 2012

Eco Brown Rice vs Taj Mahal (White) Rice

My boss told me that she read a research stating that basmati rice was better than brown. And yesterday, I decided to compare these two: 

Now one would automatically assume that brown rice is definitely better. Nope. You are wrong. Taj Mahal Rice is better. Here's the comparison between Eco Brown Rice and Taj Mahal. (Please see 100g on Taj Mahal's nutrition information).

The calories for 100g of Taj Mahal rice is only 175, compared to the brown rice, which is 372! Yes, the brown rice has other vitamins in it, but we are already taking daily supplements, so this is not a factor for us. Compare the carbohydrate and total fat too. No wonder Faiza (the company) claims that Taj Mahal is suitable for diabetes and hypertension patients. Also it's okay to eat this rice if one is watching their weight. Well, don't go having 2 full plates of rice lah! 

I am very happy to note that the white rice I have been using ever since I started cooking turned out to be really that good. Thanks to my Mom who had been using this too!


  1. hmm.. i'd prolly still go for the brown rice. i dont take supplements and the extras there would do good.

    how do they whiten up the rice nowadays? dont they use some kinda chems?

    1. I guess it depends on individual. Like for me, my main concern is calories & carb. If you are keen to know more, check this out : click on "Herba Ponni".

  2. For me...whatever rice we re taking, da portion is very important. One should remember it if want to have healthy living


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