Friday, July 6, 2012

A friend

What is a friend? I believe a friend is an individual who not only you share your downs with, but also your ups. A friend is someone you don't have to be calling them everyday and yet, when you do, you both catch up from where you left off. A friend is someone who not only speaks about themselves, but has time to hear you out as well. A friend is someone you can cry openly with, and also laugh your head off together. A friend is the second best thing after your partner, your companion in life. A friend should be someone who accepts you, the way you are. Doesn't judge you. Do we need friends, the whole lot of them? For me, NO. I only have a handful of people who I call friends. And it's more than enough for me. When I say handful, I really do mean handful. Call me a loser, but I don't need more than what I have. I have a few besties. All of them are close to me in their own way. 

First off, this bestie where we share a sisterly friendship with each other. Our husbands tease us at times. Don't start getting weird ideas! But I know that she will be there for me and my husband if ever we need her to be. And vice versa. How we are there for each other might not be the same, but the bottom line is, we will be. We do argue, we tell each other off, we laugh together, we cry and the list goes on. And the best part, we got to know each other through our mothers. And she knew my hubby in college days! Small world eh?

Then I also have a bestie whom I hardly meet or chat with. But when we do, it's like we get right back on track. We update each other on what's been happening, share whatever we want to. She is now a mom, and as a friend, I have accepted that her priorities have changed. But when we can have the chance, we try not to miss it. I got to know her when she was my leader in one of my career phases. We share a very matured, understanding friendship. I can talk to her on just about anything, and she always tells me the right things at that moment when I really need good advice. 

Another friend is an online friend. Yes, online friend. Yes, I haven't met her, yet. But we share a few things in common, and we just hit it off. We started emailing each other and our emails can be very very long. It all started from me reading her blog. Sometimes I just feel like penning down my ramblings to someone, I'd write to her. She's been a great friend. A friend who hasn't met me, but yet, was and is with me throughout my ups and downs of my TTC journey. 

Oh, I made a new friend. She is just a mirror image of me and my experiences. She's this carefree, blunt, crazy, bubbly, cool woman! She is hubby's colleague's wife. The initial meeting was just hi, hello & that's it. BUT, the moment we got to talking, we couldn't stop! Yeap. We ourselves couldn't believe it. Our husbands were shocked, if I can say that. It's amazing that you can find someone who is exactly like you, have had and is having the exact same experiences, and is like you - oh wait, I mentioned that already didn't I?! Even as a couple, we have way too many similarities. So we really got to connect with each other. And thanks to us, the hubbies who have never been this close in those few years of being in the same company, actually have gotten to know each other better.

Now, I had another friend. BUT she ended our friendship on very childish grounds. I did all I can in my ability to contact her, but she just ignored me. And to know she could do that in a blink of an eye made me realize, there are some friends who are best to let go. It's hurtful. Years and years of friendship, ended just like that. It took me a while to get over it. I still do think of her but I have no ill feelings, instead, just hope that she is happy.

In the beginning, I mentioned a handful... What I have isn't even a handful! :p 

I am so grateful to have these friends in my life. I share a very special bond with each one of them. I hope I can always be a good friend to them. Who is there in times of need more than in happy times. I think that's what matters most. I love them all!


  1. Our husbands call us lesbians! Because there isnt anything in the world that we hide from each other; we're the first to share the good/bad/ugly... we slap reality into each other ;we motive one another and we want BKT like no other human wants it:P We are probably the weirdest 2 ppl in the world ... hehehehe i love you to bits thou :D

  2. Hahaha I can only ROTFL! Well said though! Love u too!


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