Friday, October 26, 2012

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

Secrets. We all have secrets - but it is to what degree our secrets are - that's the question. This is a story about a husband who kept it a secret from his wife, that only one of their twin survived during childbirth. Only their son Paul. Their daughter, Phoebe, had died. In actual fact, no, she didn't. Phoebe was very much alive but had Down Syndrome. He thought he was doing his wife and himself a favor. He has a sister who died at a very young age - had Down Syndrome too.

But this secret made their relationship grow apart. His wife could never figure him out. What's on his mind. They hardly communicated. His son was just there, growing up.

One day, he died. And one year later, the nurse who was told to take their newborn daughter to an insitituition for Down Syndrome - did not have the heart to leave Phoebe there. She took care of Phoebe. Fought for her many fights - just to ensure she gets an education and healthcare. She came knocking on the wife's door - telling her the truth. That the daughter whom she thought she lost giving birth, is alive. Happy and alive. 

It ends by them all keeping in touch. Visiting each other. But to Phoebe, Caroline Gill (the nurse) is her mother.

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