Friday, October 5, 2012

Why fake your face?

Why? Why do women love to put on LAYERS of make up?! To hide what? From whom? Okay, YES, I am a woman... born as one, still am. But I ain't like the "general" type. I try not to wear foundation - except maybe if I am going for a function or some fancy place. I only wear lipstick/gloss, eyeliner and blusher - that is IF I am up for it for that day. Otherwise, it's just plain ol' lipstick/gloss. That's it. Yes, no foundation, no corrector, no concealer, no primer, no whatever else women slather on their faces on a daily basis! Oh I didn't even know there are more to skincare than just cleansing, toning and moisturizing! Only when I turned 31 I started to try to begin to use better skin care - that's just cuz I am aging!

I remember when my husband and I arranged for a meet up the first time ever 8 1/2 years ago.. my words to him were - "I am not like a typical girl, what you see, is what you get and please, I am not into arranged marriages either".

Yes, that's another story on how we met. Will write about it one day. It can be a biography man. Or a drama in a book form! 
But I can't fathom why women wear so much of make up. Imagine when you date, your boyfriend sees you with make up, but when you get married, are you going to put on make up wee early in the mornings just so that he sees you looking 'beautiful'? No wonder some men think their wives are no longer as how they were before getting married.
Oh, have you seen celebs with and without makeup? It will shock you to your core.
Inner beauty is the best foundation - unknown.


  1. I dont wear make ups but I do have some sunblock layers and tepek some bedak. Because I have this fairly pale complexion. No foundation no nothing. But I do wear pink shades of lipstick. I think the boyfriend is pretty happy of what and how I am. He's not complaining so I suppose he's okay with what I have on my face.

    1. That's nice to know! It's so much better kan - the original you! :)


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