Monday, November 5, 2012

Chefel Flip 'N' Cook Pan

Yes. I did buy it! We got this on the 28th October. Two word review: Just great!

I have been cooking using this since I got hold of it. Hubby can even say "aren't you going to give it a break?" Hahah It serves as a non stick pan, frying pan, grill pan & pressurized pan. 

Cooking is cut by half the time because of the pressurized ability. Imagine a pressure cooker's concept made into a pan. And yes, it is true, you can flip and cook on both sides. And yes, no splatters & hardly any effort needed to clean it. 

I am in love with this pan! 

Oh and for those of you out there who don't have a microwave (yes, we don't have a microwave at home), this pan does the trick. I wanted to test if I could thaw chicken fillets right from the freezer, and yes, in less than 5 minutes, the chicken was already thawed! 

If you are using sauces to cook, please expect some of the extra liquid that comes out from the built in oil/liquid trap. But it's no big deal as all you need to do is wipe your stove with a damp cloth. Yeap. That's it. 

Most times I cook dinner once I get home from work. And I will store them in pyrex / bowls and keep them in the oven so that it still remains hot when hubby has his dinner. And then there's all those dishes to wash. But now, I make everything, and yes, I still dish it out, but once I am done, I just dish everything back into the pan in sections. When hubs is back and ready to have his dinner, I just heat it up for like a minute or so, and done. Takes me 2 minutes to clean up. So I don't have to be spending time to clean up again. 

There is a 1 year warranty for this product by Cosway. Price is RM159 + 4 Redemption Points.


  1. Weirdly enough I passed by Cosway today and saw that pan! How exactly does it thaw the chicken? Amazing feature though. I saw the Happy Call @ Metrojaya going for RM400, so now I"m convinced the ones on all that group discount site probably fake? Might want to get this one.

    1. The thawing process is the same using heat. Only use this if you want to thaw the whole thing and not part of it. The difference between the Happy Call and Chefel is that Happy Call is a deeper pan. And yes, a lot of fakes out there, so be careful. I didn't want to spend few hundreds for a pan. And I think Chefel does the job too.

  2. got me thinking to learn cooking just so that i can use the pan.

    1. heheh just so that you can use the pan? Ahhh good idea ;)


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