Wednesday, November 28, 2012

IVF - 3rd Appoitment: TVS Scan

This month my period came unexpectedly early. I was 4 to 5 days early. Sigh. Looking back, I realize, I did have symptoms - I wanted to just munch and munch non stop. Ahh no wonder. 

It came on Friday - 16th, afternoon, in office. I managed to continue work until about 5.30pm, then I knew, if I continue to stay on, I won't be able to drive back home. True enough, I reached home, had my shower, and was on the bed - curled in pain. I didn't dare take any pain killers as this cycle we are starting IVF - so just had to bare with the pain. I didn't even know when hubby got home. All I knew is, he was next to me, asking me what do I want to have for dinner. I had no appetite. I just felt like cutting open my insides and taking everything out. Yes, that's how bad my dysmenorrhea is. 

Anyway, since Day 2 I was suppose to see the doctor for my TVS scan - I had sent my doc a text and he replied to go in at 10am the next day to see him at Pantai. The scan was not as disgusting as I thought it would be. Thank God my flow at that point of time wasn't just gushing out. I went to the washroom, got myself cleaned up and then got on to the examination bed. He inserted the scan stick, and moved it around. All I felt was really bad pressure. But after the scan, my dysmenorrhea was worse.

During this visit, the doctor also gave us consent forms for me to sign. He went through again and again to ensure we are very much equipped with all the information no matter how tiny it may be. He kept asking us if we have any questions at all. 

Next up - Day 9 - Mock transfer. 


  1. hi The Mrs, wish u gud luck ya!..will wait for the next story and the progress..

    1. Thank you so much! Baby dust to all of us TTCians! Hugs


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