Wednesday, December 26, 2012

IVF - Lost count of the appts

Today was our last appointment before the egg retrieval a.k.a OPU (Ovum Pick Up). My estrogen levels are reaching 5000 plus. But my progesterone is ok - nothing alarming. Ah, you know the reason for testing the progesterone levels? To check if your uterine lining is doing good or not - not getting too matured. 

Anyway, I was given a higher dose of FSH today - a total of 450iu. Eggs on my left ovary are beginning to wake up, but not good enough. Can't delay the OPU either because the doctor can't put you on FSH for too long. Plus my right ovary is doing good and the time is right. 

OPU will be this Saturday at KL Fertility Centre. I will be admitted from 7am & discharged about 1pm, if all is ok. I will be on GA (thank God for that!). Hubby has been to the centre a few times now for sperm count and also for the sperm collection for our IUIs. I have yet to see the place myself.

Anyway, after the OPU, hubby will have to produce his soldiers on the spot when asked  :) 

The embryo transfer will be on New Year's day - yeap yeap, 1st January 2013  :) 
What a way to start our New Year eh? Well, a year we will move on - either with or without a baby. 

We would have to purchase some antibiotics and other meds as well. Tomorrow will be my last day for the Suprefact injection and at night (8pm precisely), I will have to take the trigger shot i.e. Ovidrel (hCG). Friday will be free of injections, but the start of the antibiotics at night. 

It will be exactly 22 days of daily injections tomorrow. And it doesn't end here. There will be more meds (tablets) - to be taken orally, and vaginally.  Yes, you read that right - vaginally. 

Good luck to us!

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