Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dr. Eeson Sinthamoney; FMGC / Pantai KL

We first saw Dr Eeson when I was admitted for the laparoscopy surgery. I couldn't really say anything about him at that time since I wasn't really fully back to myself. Hubby on the other hand had the opportunity to meet him together with Dr Raman while I was in the recovery room after the surgery. 

We were given 6 months as a safe time frame to decide to go aboard the IVF roller coaster. In July, we made an appointment to see Dr Eeson for a consultation. Then in October, we decided to take the plunge under his wings. Mainly because he also had the qualities we look for in our doctor!

If you want a doctor who takes things easy, and is not too detailed on things, then don't bother seeing him. 

But on the other hand, if you are like us, or rather me mostly - who wants a doctor who is detailed, doesn't just tell you the good things, but also shares with you the not so good things, gives you details that you may get bored of hearing, repeats the important ones so that you remember, is always ready to answer any questions you have, and I really mean anything at all, never once for a second make you feel you are taking his time, never brushes you off - then Dr Eeson is the doctor I would recommend if you want to do IVF.

The doctor and me have one tiny thing in common - a little tiny bit of OCD in us. Hahaha 

I am someone who always read a lot. I like to get information. You see, I've always had an interest in medical stuff. Yes I know, too much info can be bad. But guess what? Since we started seeing Dr Eeson, I don't search for info so much now. I trust him that much, that I don't have to go searching on the world wide web for what's going on in any way - whether it's side effects, dosages, what happens each day of medications, long protocol, short protocol bla bla bla bla bla. I must admit, I did so much of research before starting this journey. My head had way too much info. 

He has an evening clinic at FMGC on Thursdays and of course, his daily clinic is at Pantai KL. Wait isn't very long either. Consultation charges are between RM90-RM120. Trust me, worth every single cent. 

Disclaimer: All comments & thoughts stated above regarding the doctor & the hospital are solely of my own. Hence, judge the doctor for yourself before blindly deciding. What you look for in a doctor is not the same with me. Make an appointment to see a doctor, go for it, have a chat, and then decide.


  1. Happy new year!! May all your dreams and wishes come true this year :)

    1. Thank u! :) Happy New Year to you too!

  2. I've been trying to look for a review on Dr Eeson but seems not many on the Internet. Stumbled across your post, wonder if you mind share your experience with Dr Eeson whilst you were under his care. I am looking for a fertility specialist (maybe not ivf yet) who help ttc couples.


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