Sunday, January 6, 2013

IVF - Total cost to date

I was going to create an excel and detail out each payment but I gave up half way. So I just totalled all the receipts from the start of IVF consultation right up to this date. Ready? The total is RM16,589.00. This is not including some receipts that have been misplaced. And it's not including the beta HcG test that will be done this 15th Jan. 


  1. about half the estimated total right?

    1. Nooo it's not half. It's within the estimated :)

  2. Wow!!

    But I'm sure the result is gonna worth more than that.

  3. To date mine costed nearly Rm86,000.00.... total since 2008 till ths FET. :-(..including medication during ivf pregnancies and labor room charges during d miscarriage .. thngs get really expensive nowadays... i hope when i am a mother one day, i would like to open a foundation for IVF' ers.... with donation of cz... just like d sultanah of pahang..not everyone has enough fund to do ivf and dey cont to suffer silently...


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