Friday, April 12, 2013

Friends I've never met, yet

Yes, I have friends whom I have yet to meet. We did plan, but it didn't work out. I don't even have the time to meet my other friends, what more those I have never met yet? Hopefully though with things settling down, we can meet up. 

I must highlight one particular friend. I got to know her through the world wide web (Transformer's style) via our blogs. We started emailing each other, from short emails to really long ones. And when we don't get a reply after a week (max), we will again send another email or buzz each other on Facebook. 

When we had a failed IVF, she even went all out to send me flowers. Now that was just something else. I mean, she's never met me, and yet, she shared my pain. All she wanted to do was bring a smile to my face. I may not have been the flower woman type, but man it is surely a damn nice feeling to receive flowers especially when it is unexpected. Now I get it why some women go googoogaga over it.

Shantini, thank you for being you! For being there in my ups and downs. For sharing Sairah's journey with me. You have no idea how much joy I have just reading about her. Each time there is a video upload, I drop everything and watch that first. Above all, thank you for being a friend. 


  1. Okay am finally able to sit down to enjoy this post. It's such a touching post and yes you're right, sometimes you don't even need to meet someone in person to call them a friend. when I sent you that flowers, I really just wanted to see a smile on your face after all you've gone through and I'm happy it worked, if its only for a minute. And I'm impressed the flowers lasted that long too! Hugs babe for being a wonderful friend!

    1. Well babe, you made me smile more than a minute! Thank you babe! You're a gem of a friend.... Hugs!


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