Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper

Wanna do some surface cleaning - a good surface cleaning? Rushing for time? Someone's coming over in 10 minutes and you can see hair, dust on the floor? Then you seriously need to buy the Easy Sweeper :)

I have tried Magic Clean before. But apart from the lemon scent, it doesn't do the job at all. Tiny particles don't get picked up. It's very flimsy too. 

I started using the Easy Sweeper about two years now. Once a week the home is thoroughly cleaned, but for my everyday use, Easy Sweeper does it. Honestly, if I actually use it EVERYDAY, I think we won't need to vacuum once a week either. Haha 

It has a layer of some oil coating that actually does clean any kind of floor - not only laminated or smooth flooring. Our kitchen and hall's floor isn't the smooth kind. It has a rough surface and yet the Easy Sweeper works great! Oh and you can use both sides of the sheet :)
The whole home after 2 to 3 days of no cleaning
So the next you do your shopping, make sure you include this in your cart!


  1. Where can I find this? I've only find the Dry Refills?

    1. Hello! You may browse through or contact 3M at


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