Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exactly a week

My dearest and very much missed NanaJi, 

It's exactly a week today since you left us,
The void in my heart is still as painful and will never be filled,
People say time will heal, but can we heal from this deep sorrow and painful grief?

I wish I knew how to go on and find a way to be strong,
And fulfill your wish - that we all embrace life's sweet song;

Sometimes I think people don't understand,
Maybe it's true, they don't, because only we knew why our relationship was so grand;

I miss you NanaJi, so much that it hurts,
I try to put a brave front, but I can only hold back for so long the tears;

I love you NanaJi, I always will,
I know you are looking down upon me and loving me still.

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