Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's not clinical depression after all

That's definitely a relief to know. Since my depression is caused by external factors, the doctor did not classify it as clinical. It is depression, no doubt, but I am just at the surface of it. Now why was I so scared? Because depression is hereditary - and I have the traits; so I didn't want to be like my dad. 

I just need some therapy and follow the doctor's advise and hopefully, I should be fit and fine :) 


  1. TM, hopefully this stress would be gone soon... take care...

  2. I was sad for a long time once too but these days I have made the conscious to look for that silver lining to everything in my life, even the setbacks. I keep reminding myself about 'feet' because you can't complain about shoes until you see a man with no feet and somehow this works for me and I find that my life ain't bad at all.
    It's okay to feel what you feel...don't discount your depression because it's not fair to you to pretend your feelings don't exist but neither should you allow it to draw you into a downward spiral that makes life less wonderful for you. Perhaps remind yourself of life's little graces and start taking small little baby steps from there :)

    1. Thank you SG - the words 'don't discount your depression..." really meant a lot to me. I have begun to take baby steps at trying to look on the brighter side each day, though sometimes I still find it hard to be consistent throughout the whole day.


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