Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Year End Holidays

At the very last minute, i.e. today, I have planned an impromptu getaway. Well it's more for the hubby. He has been so bogged down with work and getting busier by the day, and mentally too exhausted, so I decided to take him on a getaway. All he knows is we will be hotel hopping (3 to be exact). 

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He managed to get leave for 3 days next week. I on the other hand, still need to carry my laptop and check my phone, but it's all great. We will be in KL city the first day, then driving up to PD for one night, and back to KL city again for a night at a hotel with buffet breakfast and dinner all in! Well,
the stays in KL are thanks to my brother for giving me a booklet of Dorsett Prestige Club vouchers! It's time to use a couple of it! 

Oh I am so in the holiday mood! Yippie! 

Ok ok, back to work now :)  I have a deadline to meet by tomorrow *gulp* 


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