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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9 to 5; or be your own boss?

I started working in the year 2000. It's  been 17 years now. I have always worked for a company, up and until I started my own thing a few years back. I enjoyed it so very much. In June / July last year, I did a part time admin support, helping a friend in a company that I was with a long time ago. It was just for one month, but that one month of part time led me to have a full time opportunity.

At first I thought my friend was joking when she offered me, but to my bewilderment, she wasn't. It took almost a month to decide if I wanted a full time job again as I was happy doing my thing. Income depended on my hard work and resourcefulness. I had all the flexibility in the world. But then there was something triggered inside of me, I began to have parts. So I knew I needed to know what I really wanted to do. A friend coached (NLP) me, and we came to the conclusion that I wouldn't mind the stability to clear our debts. So I decided to take up the offer, but made it clear, that I'd work a min of 1 year, max 2 years. That's the plan.

It's been 11 months now and counting. I have another 13 months to go. Are we out of debt? Not yet. Probably in a few more months. Will we ever be out of debt, I doubt it. There will always be something to purchase, some emergency, something or the other. So I have to stop focusing on out of debt. 

Am I happy since I've known both worlds? Yes and No. I enjoy the stability and having to work only from Mon to Fri, but at the same time, I miss my freedom terribly. Since I have decided to take the plunge, I might as well last it out for another 16 months eh? In the mean time, The Mr has advised to start coming up with ideas and toying around with a few until I know for sure I want to make that switch again. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Toilet Seat - Up or Down

So I decided to make a comeback with a very interesting topic. The toilet seat. What's with women in having the toilet seat down? I am a woman, and I prefer the toilet seat up. To me it gives me the satisfaction of when I walk into the bathroom, it's looks neat. Imagine a book left open as compared to a closed book. Which would be more soothing to the eye?

I've seen couples argue on this topic. Yes, argue. What's the big deal? If it's up, just lower the seat down.  If it's down, then good for you. I know someone who prefers to do her business with the toilet seat up. So really, what's the big fuss here?

So is this an issue of having good toilet etiquette or is it just mere preference?

Or could it be hygiene? I just did some research on the world wide web, and some sites have mentioned that it's not about the seat up or down, it's the lid. 

If we are talking about hygiene, then I guess the toilet seat and lid has to be down, not just the toilet seat eh? The reason is simple, when flushing with the toilet lid up can cause germs from the toilet to spread into the air.

So what is your take on it?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A child defined marriage a norm

I visited my cousin this morning. She gave birth to this lovely bundle of joy, an heir to their thrown, the handsome nephew of mine. It was simply a joy that you can only get from a newborn. Amazing. So blessed we are to have family and friends who let us in into their intimate journey of parenthood. Like I said, amazing indeed.

As I sit here now getting some work done since my appointment got postponed just as I walked in to the venue it was suppose to be held, I am thinking. I am thinking that does a child define a marriage? I have been married for 10 years and counting, childless; by choice at some point in our journey; so are we incomplete? Why is it so important to have a child? Why look down at a couple who don't? Oh c'mon, some of you do so! 

I am not sure how will we be when and if we become parents. The first few months or probably even a year or so, I am sure that it will be all about the child. But at some point, will I stop to think that what matters and mattered is us? The two of us? Will I be more of a mother and forget that I am also a woman first, and a wife most importantly? Will I put my husband second and me last?

Well, I sure hope not. I hope to get reminders from people I love that hello, you are being a bit too much! I sure don't want to be like my parents. Who now, have nothing in common. They only bicker too much, worry too much, fight too much, tired too much, negative too much.

God bless me. I hope what I am hoping for won't bite me back in the ass. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tried & Tested | Miacare Acne Patch

So, I was given the chance to review the above. This may sound crazy, but I waited for a breakout and I guess I attracted not one, but three; one after the other! Urrgghh

So I applied the patch as per instruction on a disgusting yellowish puss acne. I used the Acne Patch for Day. I applied in the morning and late evening, I removed it. The puss came out on the patch and that's it. Easy as ABC. Best of all, there was no marks on my face. If it has still persisted, I would have continued with the Acne Patch for Night, but I didn't need to.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

My take on 11Street

Just realized this post was in Draft! Publishing it nevertheless!

I blog. I shop. Online. 

That sums it up doesn't it? Well, to elaborate, I blog, pretty obvious innit? I shop, yes, now I shop. I am a prudent and most times, a stingy thrifty shopper. Hubs was the one who came across 11street and we did our very first purchase two days ago. We bought solar powered garden lights at an extremely good discount. RM129.90 for 2 lights and 1 solar panel. Free delivery. In two days upon purchase, I signed for it and got the item via Pos Laju. 

 1st thing I noticed - very good packaging

Double bubble wrap yo!
The items, also in bubble wrap

Overall, I give 11street 10/10

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Huh? Where did my October go?

Can someone please tell me, where did my October go? 
I felt it just came and went - just like a cookie commercial!


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