Thursday, December 30, 2010

Law of Attraction

I was reading the Malay Mail yesterday. It had an article about the New Year - New You. It emphasizes on the importance of loving yourself. This includes making a date with yourself, eating healthy, starting on some simple exercise - basically about YOU. Now what has this got to do with the Law of Attraction? The one line that caught my eye - You have to love yourself, only then other will love you. Which is true, right? If I don't enjoy my own company, how can I expect another person to enjoy my company? Get it? 

Monday, December 27, 2010

A good boss

Sometimes all it takes is having a good boss. I have been through a few jobs, and even one with a very famous figure (which was a nightmare btw!), but looking back right now, I think having a good boss is very important. We always have that curiosity that the grass is greener on the other side especially when it comes to more money, but not necessarily. I was in that once - left my job for another because of the money. But ended up, being in a greater despair - dreading to go to work everyday. And now, I am content with where I am, what I do and I think it's more so because I have a great boss. The money? Yeah, it's there. But I almost left this too, due to some incidents, but it was because of my boss, that I am still here. Everyday, she gives me all the more different reasons to move on and be a better person, not just a better employee. God bless her!

Gillette Venus

I have tried a few shavers from Gillette and surprisingly the new Gillette Venus is truly amazing. It glides easily and for some reason, it's soft on the skin. Makes shaving really easy and hassle-free. I just realized that Gillette also have a range specifically for bikini area. Aahhh, I wonder if they have it in Malaysia. Then I can say goodbye to Brazilian waxing! *ouch*

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For some reason, I find it easier to deal with Nuffnang. They are prompt in their response to my inquiries. Why do I want to add both? No harm in trying to make some extra money right?
Well, let's hope I do make some and that it's worth trying it out. Not that it is time consuming, but I ain't no techy, so yeah, it's not all that simple as A B C  :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It is indeed my first blog. What is this about? Well, this blog is about anything and everything. Daily ramblings, ups & downs of daily life, what is it like wearing different hats, what gets me going, what motivates me – in other words – anything and everything about me & life. 
I am pretty sure we would find something in common! So stay tuned!
(Oh, and if we don’t, so what, just read on to keep yourself entertained!)


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