Monday, December 27, 2010

A good boss

Sometimes all it takes is having a good boss. I have been through a few jobs, and even one with a very famous figure (which was a nightmare btw!), but looking back right now, I think having a good boss is very important. We always have that curiosity that the grass is greener on the other side especially when it comes to more money, but not necessarily. I was in that once - left my job for another because of the money. But ended up, being in a greater despair - dreading to go to work everyday. And now, I am content with where I am, what I do and I think it's more so because I have a great boss. The money? Yeah, it's there. But I almost left this too, due to some incidents, but it was because of my boss, that I am still here. Everyday, she gives me all the more different reasons to move on and be a better person, not just a better employee. God bless her!

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