Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year!

Hubby and me started this New Year by being with each other. A much needed 'together time' - away from the rat race, the hectic weekdays, busy weekends.... It was truly a blessing to be able to do so. Everything was last minute, but we managed to get a hotel room (that's not just okay, but awesome!) and we have been rejuvenating ever since we checked in.

Isn't it a wonder, why people are so excited on certain occasions? Especially on New Year - the most common question - what is your New Year resolution? Is it really worth listing out all the things you want to do and accomplish but don't really bother following through the rest of the months in that year? Why not just eat, sleep and pray? Yeap, like the movie. I'm not saying don't work. But the basic fundamental is to feed your soul with healthy, positive, happy thoughts. When you want to accomplish something, just take the first step. You gotta take that first step otherwise, you will always be just thinking about it.

Well, to end this post, I wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy Blessed New Year!

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  1. Wishing you and the hubby a very very happy new year as well 'Just Me The Mrs'

    Lots of Love,
    The Mrs


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