Monday, August 29, 2011

Time of the month, again.

Yeap, it's the time of the month, again. I was having my spirits up. Not thinking about TTC. But then booom! It hit me yesterday - when I was suffering in pain because of cramps. Despite taking 500mg ponstans as advised by a specialist. 

I don't think about it also, it still doesn't happen. All tests of both me and hubby have been done. Everything is perfectly fine. We were told, I am too stressed about it. I tried to 'let go', yet, month after month, my hopes go down the drain. Ahhh wait a minute, I am still hoping. So now that's wrong too? 

The cramps are so bad. Now a friend asked me, why do you get it this bad? What can I say - I am the unlucky woman. I get UTI attacks like nobody's business. Despite doing whatever I can to avoid it, mind you. And oh, my cramps are the worst - to the extent of not being able to walk. The only way I feel less pain, is when I curl myself. 

Today I am battling it. Hoping the ponstans will help. But still, it's unbearable. Another trip to the doc? Maybe, I don't know yet. 

The battle continues.....

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Trust - a very sensitive topic indeed. How much do you trust a friend? Your wife? Your husband? Your mom? Your colleague? Whoever for that matter.

For some weird reason, I know for a fact when someone close to me is lying, hiding something, or just not telling me the truth. I guess it's the sixth sense passed down from one significant person in the first generation of my family.

When you know someone is not telling you the entire truth, it ain't a nice feeling, especially if it's someone you love.

It's arguable as to how much honesty can one give in a relationship of any kind.

As for me, I'd rather be blunt and honest, then to give lies, even if it's a white lie. I believe 1 white lie, leads to another, and there is no end to it.

Why do we even give a white lie? Because it's a white lie, you think it's fine? In my opinion, it's not. If you can't make it for a party, or you just don't want to go - you come up with an excuse? Why not just tell the truth? If you don't feel like going to work - why fake being sick? Why not just take an emergency leave?

If I am late to work, because I woke up late, I will actually tell my boss the truth. I overslept. Why lie that I am in some jam or something has happened, when in actualy fact, nothing has gone wrong. Why? Is your boss going to sack you? I think your boss will eventually appreciate your honesty. And when something truly does happen, and you are not lying, your boss won't be thinking "aah, there goes again, another excuse".

As to how honest can you be in your marriage - I think the more honest you are, it will lead to a happier ending.

What say you?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Womanly, Lady Like - Take Two...

I met a very good friend / big sister today. I've known her since year 2004 when I first joined company A, and she was our very reliable supplier. Over the years, she became more of a friend. And after 7 years, she is a very good friend. Even though we don't meet often, since I am no longer in company A, we still keep in touch. 

The more I get to know her, the more I find similarities. Yes, she's also, or should I say, was, like me when it came to the this department. But lately, she has made some really good changes. 

She totally was all out in me becoming more of a woman, or should I put it as more womanly.... Someone who loved myself too. Not just loving my partner in crime i.e. my husband :p   Encouragement coming from someone who is almost the same as me in this department,was worth it. Perhaps because it makes me realise it's not impossible.

Well, let's start with some cream on my hands every night.
Ha ha ha  (ok The Mrs, time to get serious about this!)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

asocial continued

Well, now back to the cousin that made me write the asocial post yesterday. 

We've always had calls for some kinda family gathering, or friend's party, or functions. But the ones who know us well, they know our answer to those invitations too. Just got a call yesterday of some gathering. And when I spoke to this cousin of mine, she knew my answer, even before I can say if we're going or not. 

Now, that's the kind of people who I think are worth keeping in touch with. It's okay to share stories of your life with them. They understand the way you are without scrutinizing you. And best of all, they let you be. They don't get upset if you don't show your face at their invitations. Hey, after all, the party still continues. So why frown over those who don't attend?

And for these kinda family and friends, we'll always be there for them.

To those who are reading this and know who The Mrs is, thank you for being who you are. 

To everyone else, remember, there might be friends of yours who are like us, asocial. Please don't judge them. They can be really good friends you know! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Decided to call a cousin of mine today and it made me to write this post.
Keeping in touch with a relative, is really something for me. Well, I can even confidentaly say it's the same for my husband as well.

We didn't become asocial out of no where. It all started when we were still courting. People, especially friends, were unhappy that we were happy. Was it wrong to be happy and to take life as it comes? Well, I guess to some, yes. The circle of jealosy became even bigger, when it included relatives. Being jealous was still acceptable, but start to use black magic, now that's another level.

We had a bad "honeymoon" year or should I say years. With all that that was happening, coupled with the evilness of some human beings who call themselves friends / relatives, we just started to fade away from the social world.

Do we need friends & family? No.
But do we need a handful of really trustworthy friends and family? Yeah, why not?
Notice I answered with a yeah, why  not? Cheeky eh?!  :p

At the end of the day, your true friend, I believe, should be the Big Guy up there, no?
(and not forgetting your partner too :p)

Oh wondering why the title is asocial? That's because asocial is diff from antisocial.
Definition taken from Wiktionary
asocial and antisocial are often used interchangeably in colloquial speech, but they are not the same thing; asocial means "avoidant of society" while antisocial means "hostile toward society".

We ain't hostile mate, we're just asocial! ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Womanly, Lady Like...

Yes, I am a woman! But errmmmm when it comes to all the girly stuff, I ain't part of it. My make up is less than 10 min. I don't do nothing with my hair. It's just the way it is. I have always been a tomboy. Used to ride my bike and even race from 1 spot to another. I have even raced in my little car so many times. And yes, I've won them too! I can change faulty plugs - yes, the 13 amp plugs, lights - check air pressure, batt water, black oil of a car, I am quite close to being a handy person at home.

Does that mean I am lesser a woman?

Well, to a certain extend, yes.

I wish I knew the art of make up, I wish I could have the patience to do my hair, I wish I would take more joy in wanting to go for facials etc. And yes, I wish I was more lady like.

But we all are in the learning curve aren't we?

I have learnt to be more polite, I have learnt to put on nail polish, I am learning to take care of my face, I have learnt to do threading often, I have learnt to shave my legs at the slightest hair I see....

 I still have A LOT more to learn..

But thanks to hubby dearest, who has always been supportive, I want to be more lady like. And I know, I will.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Basics to Surviving a Marriage...

Now, we’ve all heard “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” but is this really true?
I am no relationship counselor, but I have been in many relationships, and ended with the best ever.
Yes, I got married, and no, it’s not a dumb thing to do (referring to the song by Bruno Mars – Marry You).

We can’t generalize men and women. Not all men are irresponsible. Not all women love to shop. Get it?
What does it take to make a relationship work? Just lots of love? Not quite. It actually takes a lot of things. Most of all, patience, and the dire want to be with each other.

At the end of the day, it’s a choice. We all have choices. Its whether you choose your partner or not.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to blogging?

I started this blog, and went missing for months thereafter. Haha  What else is new?


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