Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Decided to call a cousin of mine today and it made me to write this post.
Keeping in touch with a relative, is really something for me. Well, I can even confidentaly say it's the same for my husband as well.

We didn't become asocial out of no where. It all started when we were still courting. People, especially friends, were unhappy that we were happy. Was it wrong to be happy and to take life as it comes? Well, I guess to some, yes. The circle of jealosy became even bigger, when it included relatives. Being jealous was still acceptable, but start to use black magic, now that's another level.

We had a bad "honeymoon" year or should I say years. With all that that was happening, coupled with the evilness of some human beings who call themselves friends / relatives, we just started to fade away from the social world.

Do we need friends & family? No.
But do we need a handful of really trustworthy friends and family? Yeah, why not?
Notice I answered with a yeah, why  not? Cheeky eh?!  :p

At the end of the day, your true friend, I believe, should be the Big Guy up there, no?
(and not forgetting your partner too :p)

Oh wondering why the title is asocial? That's because asocial is diff from antisocial.
Definition taken from Wiktionary
asocial and antisocial are often used interchangeably in colloquial speech, but they are not the same thing; asocial means "avoidant of society" while antisocial means "hostile toward society".

We ain't hostile mate, we're just asocial! ;)

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