Saturday, August 27, 2011


Trust - a very sensitive topic indeed. How much do you trust a friend? Your wife? Your husband? Your mom? Your colleague? Whoever for that matter.

For some weird reason, I know for a fact when someone close to me is lying, hiding something, or just not telling me the truth. I guess it's the sixth sense passed down from one significant person in the first generation of my family.

When you know someone is not telling you the entire truth, it ain't a nice feeling, especially if it's someone you love.

It's arguable as to how much honesty can one give in a relationship of any kind.

As for me, I'd rather be blunt and honest, then to give lies, even if it's a white lie. I believe 1 white lie, leads to another, and there is no end to it.

Why do we even give a white lie? Because it's a white lie, you think it's fine? In my opinion, it's not. If you can't make it for a party, or you just don't want to go - you come up with an excuse? Why not just tell the truth? If you don't feel like going to work - why fake being sick? Why not just take an emergency leave?

If I am late to work, because I woke up late, I will actually tell my boss the truth. I overslept. Why lie that I am in some jam or something has happened, when in actualy fact, nothing has gone wrong. Why? Is your boss going to sack you? I think your boss will eventually appreciate your honesty. And when something truly does happen, and you are not lying, your boss won't be thinking "aah, there goes again, another excuse".

As to how honest can you be in your marriage - I think the more honest you are, it will lead to a happier ending.

What say you?

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