Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nail @rt

Someone told me about Nail Art. That I should try it - because it's very "girly". So I thought why not. I like to polish my nails anyway. I saw some nail art stickers in some shops but never liked the design. Yesterday, found a shop in Amcorp Mall. Ahhh, really liked it. Black flowers :) Hubby gave a go ahead on the design, and I bought it!

Tried it on my big toe and it looked nice. Then I thought, it would be okay to put on my fingers as well. Did that, and alas! I think I made a wee bit of a mess! Well, (pats own back), it's an achievement for me. I mean, c'mon, for someone who hardly knows all these stuff and being my first time ever putting on (or even getting done) any sort of nail art!

Took some photos to show my attempt in it! (Don't laugh :p)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-Seed vs Conceive Plus

I've tried both. I still prefer Pre-Seed.
It's more like your natural secretion.

The texture of Conceive Plus becomes stringy when it gets in contact with air and eventually the transparents liquid becomes whitish in color.

Been looking around for Pre-Seed and so far only found 1 pharmacy in the whole of Petaling Jaya that sells it. Recently while searching the web, came across a local site that sells products as such online. Was a bit skeptical but proceeded to order anyway.
I had ordered one from eBay before this, but it's almost a month and I have not received my product. Despite having to choose the preferred shipment lead time. Still in the midst of emails to and fro with the seller.

As for this current Pre-Seed order, it's already on it's way to me - should be getting hold of it today.
I guess I need to be more familiar with eBay and Amazon. The Missus definitely knows her way around it! She's an excellent shopper I must say - even knows how to find a way around discounts etc.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to the routine!

Ahhh  I wish it was another holiday! (I guess who doesn't eh?).

I just love the fact that during the holidays, we can do things at our own pace. We don't have to rush to wake up on time, otherwise, we'll be late to work, with the never ending jam on the roads.

Well, most of us would have taken Monday and Friday off, and made it a week long break, but we decided to not do anything this time. Just be in PJ and go around nearby.

We did attempt to go to Aquaria KLCC, but the crowd was a major turn off. So we stepped out from the super long que to purchase the tickets, and instead, walked around the shopping centre, took a drive to Brickfields to have some really good northern Indian lunch, headed to Mid Valley, did some shopping (Finally!) and ended up at One Utama for tea time and continued to window shop there.

3 shopping centres in 1 day! Well, we did get a good workout from walking one end to another!

And today, back to the routine! Oh, how I wish yet again, for another holiday!


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