Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nail @rt

Someone told me about Nail Art. That I should try it - because it's very "girly". So I thought why not. I like to polish my nails anyway. I saw some nail art stickers in some shops but never liked the design. Yesterday, found a shop in Amcorp Mall. Ahhh, really liked it. Black flowers :) Hubby gave a go ahead on the design, and I bought it!

Tried it on my big toe and it looked nice. Then I thought, it would be okay to put on my fingers as well. Did that, and alas! I think I made a wee bit of a mess! Well, (pats own back), it's an achievement for me. I mean, c'mon, for someone who hardly knows all these stuff and being my first time ever putting on (or even getting done) any sort of nail art!

Took some photos to show my attempt in it! (Don't laugh :p)


  1. Hey that's a VERY good attempt! I cant polish my own nails for nuts, have to pay others to do it :( And even then I rarely get to do it coz I have no time. Such is life!

  2. Oh boy.. I was about to remove the photo. I was getting embarrassed!


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