Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nail stuff

I realized that using a cuticle oil makes a lot of difference. When you use cuticle oil, only then it really looks like you did a manicure. Before this, I never used one and used to wonder, why do people on youtube keep mentioning about this. Now I know why :)   
I bought Sally Hanson's Cuticle Oil. It doesn't have any weird scent and it really moisturizes your cuticles.
Oh by the way, you can really learn a whole lot of stuff on YouTube! The internet sure has it's benefits aye? :p

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pedal Works

Finally I found a shoe shop that has my size! Yay!!

Everytime I enter a shoe shop, the first question I ask "What is your biggest size", when I hear "9", I walk out. Sachs, Primavera, Parkson shoe section, you name it. I once saw a shoe in Hush Puppies, really loved it but guess what? "Sorry, for this design we do not have size 10 or 11".

Yeap, yeap, what can I say? I have big feet!  :(

So when it comes to shoe shopping, I'd rather skip. Not that I like shopping in general, but hey, I am trying okay?  :)

Until someone mentioned to me about Pedal Works. Yeap, they cater for sizes up to size 12! Ain't that quaint? I went to their branch in Subang Parade. Hubby and I shortlisted 3 designs, but they only had stock for 1. Heck, better than going back empty handed! Shall try out their other outlets (either MidValley or KLCC).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clean freak - am I one?

Cleanliness, neat & hygienic - these are all super important to me. It could be that I grew up in a family seeing the women in my life so dedicated towards ensuring those 3 crucial points are met, always. Yes, even when they are sick, too tired from work etc - no excuse for them.

When I got married, I realized there are women who are so lazy, don't mind living in a pig sty, cook in a kitchen that has ants, lizards, and cockroaches all over the counter top, clothes are never folded and the list goes on. I could seriously vomit by looking at what was going on. Can u imagine how the bathroom would have been? Slimy and ......... And that's how the story of me being the maid begun.

I was recently not well due to the roller-coaster ride that I was on, hence the cleaning etc took a back seat. But I realized just how important it was for me to get our home back to being the way it was. I am not perfect. I don't go berserk or start shouting at hubby for maybe not putting something back in it's place - I just find it comforting to have a clean, neat home to come back to. Don't you?

So no, I'm not a clean freak :p

Friday, October 14, 2011


“It is my most religious belief that a recipe is just a story that ends with a good meal.”
—  Pat Conroy

I love to cook. 

Yeap. That's right. I only learned how to cook when I got married. Eventually, I became the cook (not just the maid). But then, when cooking became a chore, I got fed up. Coming home from work, and being asked at 6.30pm, "is dinner done? I am hungry!" That eventually got the better of me!
But just recently, we had the chance to have our own tiny space, complete with a kitchen. So the passion flamed again!

I am quite particular in ensuring that food cooked at home is healthy. Even my mom is not as particular as I am! Weird innit? A medium bottle of oil can last me for up to a year. So much so, when I feel it has oxidized, I throw it out. 

Anyway, I try to cook a variety, as hubby dearest loves food! We don't eat chappati's every night, nor rice. Our dinner can be from just having boiled vegetables, with some soup and whole meal bread, to grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, salad etc. Oh, and not forgetting homemade burgers, pizza, and the list goes on  :)

Here are some of the photos that I have taken recently of my cooking:


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back from a rollercoaster ride!

Wow, didn't realize that's it's close to a month since my last post. 
Well, been having a really roller coaster ride - emotionally and physically. 
Lots has happened. The late period, the sudden pain which became unbearable, the chemical pregnancy, the emotions behind it... 
Ahhh, told myself I won't ponder over it. So no, I am not going to blog about it. 

Taking it one day at a time. I am not angry at Him anymore. Just being happy and grateful for what I have today.


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