Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clean freak - am I one?

Cleanliness, neat & hygienic - these are all super important to me. It could be that I grew up in a family seeing the women in my life so dedicated towards ensuring those 3 crucial points are met, always. Yes, even when they are sick, too tired from work etc - no excuse for them.

When I got married, I realized there are women who are so lazy, don't mind living in a pig sty, cook in a kitchen that has ants, lizards, and cockroaches all over the counter top, clothes are never folded and the list goes on. I could seriously vomit by looking at what was going on. Can u imagine how the bathroom would have been? Slimy and ......... And that's how the story of me being the maid begun.

I was recently not well due to the roller-coaster ride that I was on, hence the cleaning etc took a back seat. But I realized just how important it was for me to get our home back to being the way it was. I am not perfect. I don't go berserk or start shouting at hubby for maybe not putting something back in it's place - I just find it comforting to have a clean, neat home to come back to. Don't you?

So no, I'm not a clean freak :p

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