Friday, October 14, 2011


“It is my most religious belief that a recipe is just a story that ends with a good meal.”
—  Pat Conroy

I love to cook. 

Yeap. That's right. I only learned how to cook when I got married. Eventually, I became the cook (not just the maid). But then, when cooking became a chore, I got fed up. Coming home from work, and being asked at 6.30pm, "is dinner done? I am hungry!" That eventually got the better of me!
But just recently, we had the chance to have our own tiny space, complete with a kitchen. So the passion flamed again!

I am quite particular in ensuring that food cooked at home is healthy. Even my mom is not as particular as I am! Weird innit? A medium bottle of oil can last me for up to a year. So much so, when I feel it has oxidized, I throw it out. 

Anyway, I try to cook a variety, as hubby dearest loves food! We don't eat chappati's every night, nor rice. Our dinner can be from just having boiled vegetables, with some soup and whole meal bread, to grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, salad etc. Oh, and not forgetting homemade burgers, pizza, and the list goes on  :)

Here are some of the photos that I have taken recently of my cooking:


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