Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diwali 2011

Yes, we celebrate. Our ancestors hail from north India. So, yeap, we do celebrate. But our way of celebrating is different. Not extravagant. No open house, or inviting family and friends etc. I mean, if you have read this post, you would know why  :) 

Anyway, I was not really in the mood to celebrate. Although I should, since this year is the year we were settled and were in our own home. It can be considered that this year is our first Diwali. I only decided on the eve morning that I should get out of it and actually do something! So I took half day leave. Left office at 12pm, reached home and started to prep. Made achi murukku (the flower thing). I used the premixed flour, but instead of coconut milk as suggested, I mixed it with low fat milk and added sesame seeds. It turned out quite good actually! And then I went on to make home made almond chocolate, cheesecake, barfi (again using low fat milk and brown sugar).


The cleaning after the whole afternoon of preparing for Diwali was crazy. I was so exhausted at the end of the day, but satisfied with myself. Cleaned not only the kitchen, but the whole house. Did laundry as well. Oh boy!

When hubby got back from work, he was shocked, and pleasantly surprised too to see the home and of course to see me out of my depression thingy. Anyway, we also put up some lights outside. I lit up some candles too at home.

The next day, woke up, did some prayers, made some parshad (some sweet pudding), and then both side parents came over. Yeap, the MIL and my parents! It was not too bad. Though we hoped they would have left sooner :) Hubby had to go to work thereafter, so I accompanied him. And the evening was quiet. Overall, it was good.

Thanks to an online friend, who listened to my ramblings and took the time to reply and knock some sense in my head! *hugs*


  1. Wow look at all that cookies you made!! Looks like somebody had a good Diwali. I hope you saved me some barfi, it's my fav. And yet got time to clean up? You're a super woman I tell you. SO gladddd you got into the mood, must have been a good suprise to the hubby. And hey what are friends for *hugs*

  2. Heheh yeah, we did! Thank YOU!
    I don't know if you'd like my barfi. It doesn't taste like the normal barfi as it's made out of low fat milk and brown sugar! Hey, I tell you what, if we really do meet one day, I will make my version for you :)
    Yeah, hubby was so pleased and happy.


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