Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Epilator vs Shaving vs Waxing

Yeah, I've tried it all. And the winning prize goes to......

*drum roll*

The Epilator!
Yeap, the epilator gives the best results!

Now coming from someone who can't run away from having lots of hair everywhere (oh c'mon you dirty minded people!)... For my facial hair, I have no choice but to do a full face threading every two weeks at least. Yes, it hurts!

For the hair on my legs, I used to wax, once in a while, but then it started becoming too pricey to be spending money on waxing every now and then. Like I said, I have lots of hair. Then I started shaving. Every other day, if I have to. All of a sudden, last week, I recalled I had an epilator. My sister in law gave it to me many years back (well, at that time, she was yet to be my SIL, and mind you, she's been my SIL for almost 12 years now). I used it a long time ago, and decided to try it out again. And what do you know, it never failed me! No wonder I didn't discard it! No stubs, no inner hair growth, no itchiness - just smooth hairless legs! I used it last Thursday, and till today, there's still no sign of hair. Isn't that awesome?

Seriously, thank you my dear SIL, for giving me this awesome gift!

As I write this, I also remember a friend of mine, R, who uses an epilator too, and she has smooth sexy legs each time I see her. Now, how can I have forgotten about my faithful epilator!

All you need to do is spend some time as it is more time consuming than shaving or waxing. But maybe you got to do it only once a week (Or maybe even a fortnight!). Imagine, no worries of suddenly walking out wearing a skirt or a 3 quarter pants and realizing you forgot to shave! And no need to deal with itchy legs after shaving! I hate that feeling!


  1. Hey now that's something. I only use a shaver, which isn't so good coz it grows fast and it's a pain to do it often. I also go for facial threading every month. Sigh.

  2. Oh boy, you too have to go through the full face threading monthly eh? Sigh... I envy those who just have to go for eyebrow threading!

    You should try out the epilator. It's exactly 1 week, and still no sign of hair growth yet! :)
    *me happy*

  3. the best I have ever used is karmin electric epilator :)

    1. Will definitely check it out once my beloved epilator decides to die on me! Thanks for sharing.


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