Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A wee bit of shopping & pampering

Last weekend, I had a UTI attack (yet again!). So my weekend was quite bad. On Monday (it was a PH), I was feeling better, so hubby decided to take me out as I was running out on my facial wash. Ended up, I did a manicure pedicure and bought a couple of things too! Hubby was of course very happy that I shopped for myself!

If I do need to get a manicure pedicure, and it so happens we are in MidValley, I will make my way to MJ Nails Spa in Metrojaya. They are very friendly and professional. I have been to quite a few nail salons, but always feel not welcomed. At MJ Nails Spa, even though they can't speak really good English, they still try to have a conversation with you, and offer suggestions. It's really cozy despite being in a small space. Anyway, I just fell in love with the color!

And for the first time, I own 2 fancy belts! Hey, stop laughing! I'm taking baby steps in the shopping / dressing up department okay?!  :p

Soon, will do a review on Biotherm facial cleanser from a layman point of view.


  1. Sorry to hear about the UTI. Drink LOTS of water. Digging the red manicure. I"ve been to that place once but got turned down dunno why. It's rather small though. You can always try Long Nails in MV, I go there sometimes :)

  2. I do drink lotsa water babe! Seriously, water is like my 'petrol'. And yet, I get it! Really sick and tired of it! Ahh, shall try out Long Nails too! Thanks!


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