Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick but reasonably healthy cooking :)

Over the couple of weeks, hubby requested for maggie goreng. It was so simple, yet delicious! I don't use the oil or soy sauce that is given in the packet. I just stir fry some onions and frozen vege over medium heat on a non stick with no oil, and then throw in some spinach, the maggie that was soaked and water drained and tossed with some dark soya sauce and scrambled eggs.

Another was when I was alone at home and super hungry during lunch. I took a small can of curry baked bean by heinz, mixed it in some left over rice over a non stick pan, and pan fried a fish fillet :)  Oh and some scrambled eggs for this too!

And the last photo, is of the yee mee I made. Hubby prefers the thicker mee, compared to the mee that is easily available. I didn't use corn starch for the soup, instead I used whole wheat flour. All you need is just a bit, so it doesn't alter the taste at all!

On another note, just wanted to share how you can keep your greens such as spinach super fresh. 
I washed the spinach in salt water and let it sit to dry. Once it's fully dried, put it in a colander and then in the fridge. This is the picture of my spinach that was 1 week old. It didn't wither, or change color. 


  1. I noticed you like to cook healthy, something I should start doing. Btw your maggi recipe looks yummy, gonna try it one day :)

  2. It's a long story how I became this way. I try to cook as healthy as I can. Yes yes, pls do try it out! Have fun cooking!


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