Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back to the daily routine!

Yeap yeap, I'm back! I was kinda surprised to learn that this blog actually has quite a number of readers. Well, why wouldn't I be? When hardly anyone comments! Anyway, thank YOU for reading and being a follower!

What has happened during the break? Frankly, nothing to shout about. When you are at home, the chores are never ending! Cooking, cleaning, washing, laundry, ironing and repeat. But I did a lot of shopping for sure! Shopping within the limits eh! I look for bargains and sales! Anything that's nice and it's 50% & above off, makes me super happy! :p

Hubby mentioned that he is proud of me now. Dressing up a little, paying attention to how I look, not being stubborn when he wants to buy me nice things. I actually have 2 proper handbags now. It has always been a no brand handbag, or so so. For my first official branded handbag, it happens to be Guess. 1 was on sale, the other wasn't. Will take some photos soon and upload. Anyway, also bought new shoes (from Pedal Works, where else!). New clothes - dresses too, mind you! Yes, yes, photos will follow soon.

I went to even steam my hair! I have never done that! But I am not happy with my hair still. Always so dull & flat! Anyone care to share any recommendation of a salon around PJ?
I am also slowly getting back to wearing contact lenses too!

Quite a bit of a transformation for me.

Oh, how can I forget - my workout/training sessions!
The first week of my break, I only did it on one day as I fell sick that week. Not because of the workout, just caught the bug. Only managed the 2nd week. It will surely take some time till I see the difference. But I know, that with patience and determination, it will happen! I have my living, walking example - my husband! Even his wedding band now is so lose! Arrghhh  heheheh  Any kind of diet doesn't work for us. It's so true what the experts say, exercise, exercise, exercise!

On another note, my TTC journey is going on good. We are very happy with the doctor that we are seeing now. He is at FMGC. He immediately told us, IVF is at the very last option. And it's not right for any doc to direct us to it without trying out other options and finding all the little details! So, it's time for re-test. But we don't mind. It's better to check everything in detail rather than jumping the gun. My HSG will be next week. A little scared, but thank God hubby is by my side.

Ahh back to work yesterday. So wish I was already a full time housewife, with a part time business and a mom! :p   Dreaming big! Hahah

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