Friday, December 23, 2011

MAC vs Elianto

Now, some of you may think that this is not a fair comparison. Poor Elianto, will sure lose! Oh noooo, you are so wrong. Well, that is IF you faced the same problem as me. See, I am reviewing this from a layman point of view. Since I am learning, so I start from scratch.

 I bought MAC's primer. So many people told me, that if I want my make up to last at least half a day, I should go for it. Now before purchasing, I even googled it. Some international websites condemned it to the max. But our local websites, sang praises of it. And I thought what the heck, if I don't try it myself, I will never know. So I bought it. Spent RM105 for that little bottle. Asked the sales person how to use etc. I tried it on the first time, and saw now diff to my make up. Thought being so "new" in this department, I decided I should go back to MAC and clarify. The sales person told me, it could be my moisturizer. Too heavy. Ok fine, so I tried again, and yet, I was disappointed. Then I thought, give it a break, and try again, still the same. I ended up selling it off at 50% off to a colleague. Oh and mind you, I also tried their foundation powder.

Then I came across Elianto. I had tried their BB cream before (old packaging). And it was good. Decided to try it out again, this time the sales person recommended to go for the newer one that was available. I said ok. Bought that with their mineral loose powder and ended up getting a nail polish too. To my surprise, Elianto's BB cream worked really well. After about 5 hours, my face did become a bit oily. But I just blot my face and it's fine. No major issues.

One thing's for sure, I will never step into MAC again! Waste of money!


  1. Ok me thinks MAC is over-rated. Their foundations make me break out like a bitch! But I didnt think Elianto would be good either.What color shade of BB Cream did you get? I can never find a shade for my tanned skin.

  2. Pheww, finally found some1 who does think MAC is over-rated! I just checked the BB Cream, it doesn't say what shade. I got the darkest. I made it very clear I don't want to look like a 'doll'! I give it a rating of 6 out of 10.


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