Sunday, December 25, 2011

More shoes!

Yeap yeap, I have more new shoes!
Thankewww hubby dearest!

First off, Florsheim's shoes! And guess what? It was on SALE! Yeap, Florsheim shoes are usually really pricey. You can't get a nice pair for less than RM200 (I think even this is too low a price for their standard). Hubby wanted to see shoes for himself and he was comparing between Pedro and Florsheim. The one he liked at Pedro didn't have his size. In Florsheim, nothing really caught his attention. But it caught mine instead! :p Take a look for yourself:

We even checked out Bata. If you want to go to Bata, make sure you go to their Sunway Pyramid outlet. The choices there are much more and they even have sizes up to 10 for some shoes.The below are Marie Claire's from Bata.

And my most favorite shoe shop - Pedal Works. Their outlet in Subang Parade was having a clearance sale. And guess what? Yeap, bought these two from there :) 
A shop where I never get disappointed! 

Oh, and I also gor a bargain at Aldo. Got the below for RM59! 

Btw, I didn't go crazy and buy all this in one day okay!?  :p


  1. Wow gorgeous shoes babe. Floresheim is really expensive but no doubt good quality. LOVE the Aldo shoes, can't believe you got them at RM59!! Can you say super savy shopper? Impressive!!

  2. Thanks babe! Yesss, RM59!!! You should go to the Aldo outlets and check it out babe. Their sale is still on. Up to 70% :)


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