Monday, January 30, 2012


Let's see, it's been 20 days since I last updated my blog.
What has happened? A LOT. Among some, I turned 31.

Birthday 2012

It was a normal day. Period. Usually every year, I would take leave. Do some stuff for myself and even go to HIS home and spend some time there. But this year, I went to work like everyday, came home and did the usual chores like everyday, and went out for a simple dinner with hubby, which we do sometimes. Nothing fancy. Hubby was really sweet, trying his best to make it a special evening / night for me, but I wasn't really into it. He even wanted to buy me a ring of my choice, but I had to tell him again that I do not want anything. We ended the night with two slices of cake & my favorite coffee - both from Starbucks.

I still got a gift from him a couple of days after that - swimming lessons! Yeap, I have always wanted to learn how to swim. My first lesson starts today.

Clomifene a.k.a Clomid

I was suppose to do the Laparoscopic surgery during this month's cycle, but then when the doctor counted my days when it would be the right time to do it, it fell during the CNY break. He advised it's better not to do it during this CNY break, and wait for the next cycle. So while waiting for next month's cycle, he decided to rule out the "egg" issue. I was put on Clomid 100mg per day. I read on the internet on it's side effects etc - but I may have been lucky as I only experienced cramping, a little bit of fatigue, and minor headaches. The cramping was bad the 1st and 2nd day of taking the med. Then I had to do a follow-up to do a scan. I was expecting to hear bad news, since lately, there's always been negative results on just about anything. But, I had 3 healthy eggs! Right in size too! We were then given a HCG trigger shot. It was to be taken precisely 36 hours from the time of the scan, and we had to 'do it' shortly after the shot, and 2 more times thereafter. Trust me, it is not fun when you time it. It's more like a 'chore'. No joke. The shot was taken at 12am Sat, and can you imagine, having to count the hours to 'do it'! Arrghh  Well, the doctor seemed quite positive about this. Even the nurse when asked on my next appointment date, told me "Oh, I won't give you an appointment now. When you miss your period, you can give me a call". I told her that's being a bit too optimistic. But she said, don't hope for the best, know that it will happen. Ahhhh, the law of attraction!


Don't hope for the best, but know it will happen, you say? Guess what? UTI came paying me a visit yesterday night! And despite trying all sorts to make it go away, since I realised it at the very beginning of it, I still have to be on antibiotics! How do I feel? I was upset. Very. Even hubby was so upset. But then we told ourselves, if there is something, then let's hope it sticks. If it doesn't, we'll try again next month. Even the doctor whom we saw to get antibiotics felt pity for us when I told her abt TTC, Clomid and the HCG trigger shot. I couldn't sleep the whole night. Was I too upset? No, I don't think so. I just had no feelings. Nothing.

Akhand Paath

The continuous recitation (without any break) of the Guru Granth Sahib from beginning to end, (all 1430 pages,) lasting about 48 hours, by a team of readers. This "ritual" is considered a very holy practice and is said to bring peace and solace to the participants and the passive listener of the recitation. During the reading it is tradition for langar (or communal food) to be available at all times, thus requiring the continual service and dedication of those in whose honour the Akhand Path is being held for - Wikipedia

A very busy weekend coming up ahead for us. We will be having an
Akhand Paath at our small studio concept home. How are we going to manage having 5 priests who will be staying with us and taking turns to recite the holy book? We have no idea. But we will manage, I'm sure.

I have started prepping on some of the food. This week, the prep continues. And by Friday night, everything has to be in order. Especially where the
Guru Granth Sahib will be. It has to be super clean etc. I am quite particular and strict when it comes to prayers, handling of the Guru Granth Sahib and anything to do with it. I don't believe in man made rules. I only believe what is right and written. Hence, I seek the advise of my grandfather, who is despite being from the older generation, doesn't believe in superstitious & man made rules. I guess I became like him. After all, it is my grandparents who brought me up.

Roosters & the year of the Dragon

I have been told that Roosters are lucky this year. Hmmmm  interesting....  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tubal Hydrosalpinx

A hydrosalpinx is a distally blocked fallopian tube filled with serous or clear fluid. The blocked tube may become substantially distended giving the tube a characteristic sausage-like or retort-like shape. The condition is often bilateral and the affected tubes may reach several centimeters in diameter. The blocked tubes cause infertility.  IVF has now become the major treatment for women with hydrosalpinx to achieve a pregnancy. - Wikipedia

So finally, the cause of our infertility has been solved (I hope).
It is not my husband, it is me!

If you are wondering, how serious this is, well, it can get as serious as 'automatically' killing the embryo and ectopic pregnancies are very high, and if I do have one, chances of me staying alive is low, as I may hemorrhage internally.

Everything else is fine with me, but I am having a left tubal hydrosalpinx. Even my high insulin can be controlled with metformin (glucuphage). No, it doesn't mean my sugar is high, it means, my body isn't absorbing the insulin. My sugar level has always been great. Knowing how careful I have always been since my dad has diabetes. But this does mean I am pre-diabetic. And if we do get pregnant, my chances of having gestational diabetes is super high. Oh, by the way, that's the cause of me putting on weight like crazy too!

Sigh. How does it feel to hear this from the doctor? I was angry and upset. Angry at all the previous doctors that I have seen who could have detected this earlier. I wouldn't have wasted 1 year not doing anything about it. Upset that I had to test, and then re-test again. Wasted so much of money for all the various tests, scans, x-ray. If only they took the initiative to thoroughly do an investigation. If only. We wouldn't have wasted the whole year of 2011. And the worst, all the emotional roller-coaster.

So, what's next?

Laparoscopic surgery and/or Laparotomy. 
It all depends on how bad the tubal damage is when they do the laparoscopy.

That's the update for our TTC journey.


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