Monday, March 5, 2012

Blessings & it's mysterious ways

I am talking about blessings of a child.
Someone who we know (Let's name them A) was blessed to have their second child. But due to some serious unavoidable circumstances, they are opting to abort the pregnancy. Now don't get all angry, as they are not killing a living being, yet. It's just a lump of cells dividing. It's still a zygote, I think.

When A told me about this, I was so happy. Over the top happy for them. But then in mere seconds, I had tears running down my cheeks as I heard what was going to happen.
A was contemplating whether to inform me or not about this, but they did. And for that, I am honored. They know about our TTC journey, and yet to have the thought to share this with me, made me feel grateful.

I could hardly stop myself from crying. It wasn't out of anger, but it was because I for one, know how hard it is to even have that privilege to say "I'm pregnant".
A told me why they have decided to do so, and it's totally their choice. I believe that only the person who is going through whatever it is they are going through will know what's best for their situation.

God's ways are really mysterious. HE blesses those with a child who either don't want or have so many already. But HE plays a really hard game on those who seek to be blessed for just one.

Not the right time? Yeah, right. Don't get me started on that one!  :p

Wanting, hoping, waiting and praying,
To have a little one to call our own;
Getting tired of trying and failing,
And not forgetting the feeling of being incomplete & alone.

Sometimes I forget it's not all about a child,
That's when I realize, there's more to life;
When I get fed up of this roller coaster ride,
I should get a grip and enjoy life!


  1. HE certainly works in mysterious ways but I"m sure HE knows the reasons why!

  2. Hey Babe, yeah that's so true. We just can't see that reason yet!


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