Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Failed 2nd cycle Clomid + 1st cycle IUI

Yeap, the procedure failed. I got my period. Period.

So what's next? This time the doctor put the ball in our hands.

What do we want to do - laproscopy or try another round of IUI.

We decided to try one more round of IUI. I am on my 3rd cycle of Clomid + 2nd IUI.

Day 10 will be the deciding day - as the doctor will see how many eggs and what's the diameter. If it's ready than the next will be the HCG trigger shot and the IUI procedure, again.

What do we feel? Upset, sad & angry!

But is it worth it? Well, we can't be positive all the time.
After all, aren't we humans?


  1. Babe, there's a saying which I'm sure you're aware of: third time's the charm! So fingers and toes crossed. Stay positive *big hugs*

  2. Hi dear,
    Sorry, nak panggil apa ek? :)

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Thanks for asking my update. I'm ok. Just since stop treatment, I tatau nak update pe kat blog :p

    Regarding your post kat atas nih, I really understand your feeling. Been there, done that. I tau macam mana 'sakit' nya rasa bila iui failed. Apa yg I bole katakan, take ur time. Kalu rasa nak menangis, menangis puas2. Tapi dear, jangan give up. Usaha lagi. Allah uji u sbb Dia tau u kuat :) Be strong & positive! Takecare :D

    *p/s: Opss, pjg pulak I comment :p

  3. The Mrs: Thanks babe. I so wish it will be just that - 3rd time's the charm!

    Ily: Ye lah, hanya kitorang yg tengah try sahaja memahami each other kan? Anyway, I tak give up, tapi memang "sakit" rasanya! You too take care.


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