Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our new addition :)

Our new addition is the treadmill! Yes, we got a treadmill.
We did some research and ended up getting this one: 

Horizon 841T

Of course, NordicTrack would have been the best, but we figured it's a bit too high end for beginners like us.

Today it is exactly 1 week 1 day old. We have been using it since day 1, everyday. We even got a digital weighing machine to track our weight more accurately. I was 71.8kg, then fluctuated to 72.5kg and this morning I was 71.1kg. I have started keeping track of my food intake as well. Due to my PMD, and all the meds I have been on for this fertility journey, I have put on weight, and I am also hungry all the time! But since Monday 23rd April, I have been monitoring every single thing I eat and drink. Then I search for the calories of each food / drink and list it out. Frankly, all you need is to do it in an Excel sheet and you are good to go. It's very easy. Only on paper! In reality, it's super difficult to curb those hunger pangs! Reducing my calories is also no joke!

I want to lose weight and look good before hubby's company trip in first week of June!
So that's really a motivation for me. But I hope I can last it out. 

I hope to start swimming too. Cause you burn more fat faster by swimming. You can be on a treadmill for 1 hour, but you can spend half an hour swimming and burn the same amount of calories! 

Today I came up with this: Eat like a cat, but appetite like a dog!
Every time I tell hubby, I am hungry, his reply "Be strong, be strong. You can do it". Ish! He can, and has lost so much weight.. So I guess I am suppose to also be the same!? 

A healthy competition has begun between husband & wife! Hahaha

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A lady boss

I am very fortunate to be working under a boss who is not only understanding, but very accommodating to my health issues as well. Generally people would think having a lady boss isn’t really a nice thing, but you’d be amazed at how some lady bosses can be. 

I have been working for the past 12 years, and by far, she is one of the best boss I’ve had. Even when it comes to work, she doesn’t monitor me 24/7. She knows if I am unsure of anything, I will definitely ask her. She also knows my character. I am very honest. Sometimes I can be too honest. I believe that honesty is the best policy indeed. To date, I have not even once told her a white lie, what more a lie. Whether it’s to do with why I am late to office, why I have to be on MC, why I am taking leave, why I have to get time off, why this why that. I believe that a working bond built on trust and respect, will take you a long way. I respect her a lot. I am in awe the way she carries out her duties. How she remembers every tiny detail. When you look at her, she doesn’t even look like a mom to three kids! Two of them are teenagers! And she isn’t that kind of rich working lady, who has maids at home. She goes home, cooks everyday for her family! And she is tip top every single day in office. I have not once seen her having a bad hair day or dress down. Never. 

On the other hand, I know of bosses who squeeze every single drop of blood and sweat out of you. Especially bosses who own the company.  I have seen my husband work, and the shit he gets, and I sit back and be grateful. 

I cannot imagine if my boss was not understanding towards our fertility issues. Why? Because of the amount of MCs, doctor’s appointments, ELs!! And if you are going through this journey, you would know that the appointments have to be on certain day cycle. If the doctor says you come in on Day 2 of your period, you gotta get your ass there on Day 2, otherwise you gotta miss one whole cycle and wait for next month.  Who would want to waste one whole month? I would have had to quit my job and that would be very taxing. 

To top it off, almost every month when I get my period, I have to be on MC - especially when I get my period on a working day. Now to most women, they just get PMS, but there are some unlucky ones like me, who get PMD. Yes, there's such thing as Pre Menstrual Disorder. Perhaps it's hereditary as my mom used to even faint when she gets her periods. So not all women will understand when other women say they suffer like hell during periods. I have always grown up thinking it's normal, since my mom used to suffer, but when doctors own self tell me it's not, and that I am just not like other 'normal' women... it's upsetting! 

I must have done something good that God gave me a very understanding boss during this time in my life when I need one the most due to this fertility journey. Thank you WCPY! There's no way my husband and I can repay your kindness and understanding. We can only wish that may God bless you always!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me love cooking!

Did I ever mention, I love to cook?
For some reason, cooking is like therapy to me.
Weird to some I suppose, but it's true. Shopping ain't a therapy!

When I got married, I did not have a clue on how to cook any dishes. I think I only knew how to do the simplest of it all - for own consumption only.

How I learnt real fast is because I couldn't eat my MIL's cooking. It was super unhealthy and too Malayish/Indonesianish for me. I have nothing against Malay food - I do like it, but not everyday. I am used to healthy, Punjabi food. And with chapatis. Not rice all the time. And when I saw the cooking utensils used, and the amount of oil was used - I was shocked. You know how an egg is fried? Just like how we poach eggs, this was "poached" in oil.

After a couple of months, I made hubby to take a blood test as my annual test was due. He was never into healthy lifestyle. And I was worried when I discovered how my MIL cooked, and that my FIL had passed away at an early age of heart attack. Needless to say, his cholesterol was sky high. That's when I decided, I have to do something if I want my husband to live a healthier life, and hopefully that would lead to a longer life too.

I began researching on the use of olive oil compared with carotino oil. Of course carotino won in many ways esp that it can be used for cooking in high heat.
Believe it or not, I can cook without oil. Sometimes the medium bottle of oil can last me for a year! And yeah, I have to throw it away especially when the scent changes due to oxidization.

Anyway, here's some photos. Will try to come up with better photos and include recipes as well. 

Mix salad with hard boil egg and chicken fingers

Ala maggie goreng but with yee mee

Prawns, long beans, egg & brown rice

Top: Meehun / Bihun     Bottom left: Mee goreng   Bottom right: Fettucini with beans, capsicum and sausages

Punjabi style with masala - Brocolli with sweet potato, cucumbers & chilly with sardine - all with chapatti

Pan fried ala grill chicken with boiled brocolli and cheese with poached eggs

Cantonese yee mee

Home made chicken burgers (from scratch)

Left: Pan fried chicken with brocolli, carrots and cheese   Right: Simple pasta

Home made burgers with no buns instead salad to replace the buns

Monday, April 23, 2012

Saying goodbye to cigarettes...Quit smoking!

7 years ago, I married a chain smoker of very many years. Today, my husband is no where near in the category of being unhealthy - in terms of smoking and drinking. I must admit, I was a social smoker too. But being social, is much easier to call it quits.

We did fight a lot, about his smoking habits... but eventually in the year end of 2006, he quit. Now how you may ask? Honestly, it all comes down to whether do YOU really want to quit?

The first time he tried reducing, it didn't work. He was back on track of being a chain smoker. Then he tried to quit completely, it only lasted for a couple of days. Cold turkey was no joke. Me, myself being a social smoker found it so hard to fight that urge to smoke first thing in the morning. Can you imagine what it is like for a chain smoker? I was there giving him support but it didn't really help. Perhaps I wasn't convinced he was going to do it.

Finally, one day he told me, he wants to quit. And for good. No more getting on it ever again. All he had to say was "help me help myself", and I went all out. I researched on the changes he would go through, especially the cold turkey. How his health would be. Bare in mind, when you quit, you may end up feeling like you are going to die. There are some who experience a really bad bout of cough that no matter what meds you take, the cough doesn't go away. I made him do medical check ups incl chest x rays etc.. He used to have sleepless nights because of the cough. This is due to the fact that his lungs was trying to clear itself. It takes a couple of years for the lungs to be fully clear. The lungs begin to have the ability to clean itself after 12 weeks of quitting. Their sense of taste and smell will also improve. It will be noticeable after about a week or two of quitting.

And this is when the weight gain played it's role. My husband was very thin. He had always been thin all his life. But due to quitting, he put on quite a lot of weight. We didn't get into exercise at that time. So naturally the weight didn't shed.

Before choosing to go for Nicorette gum or patch, I checked with my pharmacist first. She advised me to give him the gum since he was a chain smoker. So I bought a few packs of it. At the beginning he would take about 6 gums a day, after a few months, it became lesser & lower mg to none at all. One of the major side effects on chewing the gum is having wind. So I had to give him moridone two to three times a day, everyday.
If you are a spouse to someone who is trying to quit, my advice - please be there for them every step of the way. Every small milestone make it a big one! I used to send him cards/emails/sms's that he has passed 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month etc. Treat them for dinner or lunch - regardless the milestone. Have them put the same amount of money they would to buy a box or two (or three) ciggy's a day aside. Collect that money and at the end of the month, let them use that and buy whatever they want as a treat to themselves. They will go through terrible mood swings & become fragile in their own way. They will also want to eat all the time because their hunger is sky high - don't stop them. Try to give them healthy snacks if possible. Let them eat. Don't criticize. I remember I used to tell him, the weight you can shed one day, but you can't stop cancer or any other disease if you continue smoking. I wasn't too worried about his cholesterol as it was in the normal range by this time.

It's been 6 years and counting, and his lungs are of a normal person. The weight is now shedding off, thanks to the interest he has now in fitness.

So yes, you can quit. Don't say you can't. The question is, do you want to quit? You may say yes on the outside, but deep within you, you haven't even convinced yourself you have decided to quit. Seek the answer truthfully, and then take it from there. It's not impossible.

Good luck to all who have decided to quit and congratulations to all who have successfully quit for good!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have always had a liking in taking photos. Sometimes it annoys the hubby! Been contemplating in getting a DSLR camera. But every time I walk into the shop,  I can’t get myself to spend that much of money just for a camera! And yes, although it can get annoying to him, hubby is the one who tells me, let’s go and ask and look around for a camera that you want. Isn’t he a jewel?!

Anyway, just before going to PD (or should I say Singapore), I was checking out the Apps Store and stumbled upon Instagram. I never knew what it was, so I googled it. Aahh a camera app that allows you to share your photos easily. But of course, I am not going to share my photos, I only want to use the camera! I played around with it for a while, until I discovered that you can take photos with their various settings, and the best part, they even have a setting for focusing on your object and make the surrounding fade / blur. Ahhh, just what I have always wanted!

So y'all out there, if you wanna take photos ala DSLR, and don’t want to spend your moolah on getting one, then just go for Instagram! 

The higher megapixel your phone camera, the better. Mine is only an iPhone 4 that has a 5 megapixel. Hubby's has 12 megapixel, but it's Windows, hence can't download the app but his picture quality and color is far better. If you already own the new iPhone 4s, then don't bother with Instagram. It already comes with the ala DSLR modes and it's bloody 8 megapixels! Hmph!

Here’s a couple of shots:

And my best photo of all is this:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

More on Avillion

Avi Spa & Lounge is located at a far end of the water chalets. From far it looks like it's a glass penthouse! It's more for premier suite guests who are given an Avi Lounge card upon check in. Nevertheless, it's also open to other guests but you have to go before 2pm. And yes, we did. Here's what it looks like: 

If you are an art lover and would also like to contribute to charity, you can view their Art Galery. Some of the paintings are really beautiful. Hubby liked one, but I didn't, and the one I liked, he didn't. So ended up not getting any at all. There were more but I only took this one.

Some photos here and there within the resort:

And the best part is the scenery. A couple of the photos looks like it's a wallpaper pic. But it's actually taken from our phone camera at Avillion. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lord Avery's Pavillion

It's the best holiday / getaway we have ever had! Tops off even Philea! I guess it's because there's more to do in Avillion. Plus, you aren't isolated. A 5 min drive and you can already find places to eat. Plus the 24 hr pool is a big thing okay!

By evening of Day 1, we knew we can forget about wanting to try Thistle. We extended our stay for another night, and got the 3D2N package deal. Their customer service is really good. The staff even knows what to recommend for food. We had breakfast at the hotel (provided), and lunch at The Village Court on Day 1. We were told to try their pizza. So we went for their Four Seasons Pizza. It was absolutely delicious! 

We really used their facilities to the max. They also have a mini pet farm, which is really very well kept. No stinking smell of any sort. You can feed the pets between 10am to 11am daily. There's rabbits, chickens, peacocks, tortoise, doves - all living in harmony. It's really fun to see them all together in such a clean place. There's also a bird enclosure. First time I got to see peacocks at such close proximity. And the best of all was on Day 2 when the peacock fanned his feathers open! Yeah, call me "Jakun", but I've really never had to see one inches away from me. Got the opportunity to snap many photos of it!

Oh, did I mention, their pools are open 24 hours?! They have 3 pools in total - Adult Pool, Kids Pool, and a General Pool (Adults/Kids). Usually at night, we go to the General Pool to swim. Yes, I can swim! Freestyle that is! Oh and without having to have my head under water! Still learning.

The gym - on Day 1, hubby had already wanted to try the gym. I wasn't too keen. The gym is really well equipped. On Day 2, I tried out the treadmill. Was on it for 1 hour. Burnt 437 calories. I just kept telling myself, a bit more, a bit more. Finally it stopped on its own when it hit 1 hour! Hubby of course was into his cardio and weights.

They have 2 private beaches, Riau and Tumasek. Riau is where they have their beach activities. But we preferred Tumasek. Cleaner & quieter. You can always see their staff busy cleaning. Anytime of the day, you will see them doing work. No joke!

As for food, there are tons of eateries nearby. Hubby wanted to have BBQ buffet dinner, but most buffets are on Saturday and Sunday nights. We checked out on Saturday late afternoon. But we did try Seaview Seafood for dinner on Day 1. Really good service and good food. This was also recommended by a staff at Avillion. I am generally not a fan of seafood, but hubby is! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed. 

There's also this weird looking thing - geoduck. Looks more like a penis and the ball sack
Since hubby's bday falls during Vasakhi, we went to the Gurdwara around 2pm. There were not many people. We sat at the Darbar Sahib for a while and then went downstairs to the langgar hall. We were asked to have our lunch and we did. After quite a long time we actually did that. Then we also did some sewa in washing the dishes etc. It was a good trip to HIS humble abode. People there were very humble and minded their own business.

For hubby's birthday dinner (Fri), we decided to go to El Cactus. We've been there before on our trips to PD. Food was good. I loved my drink more!  It's more of a Mexican cuisine outlet. The ambiance is really nice & cozy. You can even go in to their bar and enjoy the music, or play pool. Unfortunately, the photos of the food were not clear. 

Overall, we spent less than RM1k for the accommodation, food and drinks, toll charges, petrol - everything! And we stayed in the best resort!

Whenever we used to go to PD, we used to say, ahh one day, we will stay here... and years go by, we actually now can afford to stay in places as such! I guess I must thank HIM for all this. So thank you Lord, for the blessings you have given us.

Avillion PD, you rock! The best nearby getaway & private resort! 

More photos in the next post! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Singapore......but....

The trip to Singapore didn't materialize. On Wed we had even exchanged money, I did my mani and pedi, even told my parents, and even arranged for a cab. All done. But that evening, we got to know we couldn't go. Mind you, our flight was at 7.40am the very next day! I was naturally disappointed and upset. But it was for that moment only. Hubby promised to make it up to me. Anyway, I cancelled the cab, called my aunt and told her we can't come, explained to her why, updated my parents and decided to change the money back to MYR the next day.

Our next mission: Find a place nearby to go to. We surfed the net, and narrowed a few places - Avillion PD, Thistle PD, or Philea Melaka.

Bags were all packed anyway for Singapore. So nothing much to do there. The next day, we just drove towards Seremban / Melaka. For the first time we took the little Kelisa out of KL/PJ. Since it's a second hand old car, we only use it for within KL/PJ. But we thought what the heck. On the way we decided to check out Avillion first. We parked our car on the opposite side of the road at the designated car park (as the indoor guarded car park is only for guests of the resort), crossed the road, and walked into Avillion. We asked them on the available rooms, rates and packages. We also requested to view the garden and water chalet rooms. They were more than willing to show us around. Hubby asked a lot of questions, like the gym facilities, pool, attractions within the resort etc. The bellman was so knowledgeable about the resort, which was a plus point. 

We decided to check in for 1 night first. At the back of our minds, we thought we'd go try Thistle as well. We requested for garden chalet & upstairs. But the receptionist made a mistake on our preference, and we had to wait for almost two hours to get the room at the upper floor. But it was okay, as we were allowed to chill out at the current room. We decided while waiting, to go check out their pool. It's an all adult only pool. That scored major points with us. No kids shouting and running around. Peace. We really enjoyed ourselves. In the mean time, our room was also ready. So before we went in, we decided to have our complimentary drink given upon check in. It is valid till 8pm on the day of check in. We had two complimentary drinks each and an extended check out time for the mistake that was made earlier on our room preference. 

The room was great. For what you pay, you get more in return. We had no complains at all. Except that hubby thought it would be way better if they had more TV channels. Anyway, see the room for yourself:
Yes yes, my nails aren't perfect! Esp ma toe nails!

View from our room & welcome drinks

 More on Lord Avery's Pavillion in the next post!  ;) 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hmmm... Fitness....

The trip to Avillion PD (which I have yet to blog about!) gave me and hubby the chance to rejuvenate and talk about stuff and not getting interrupted with daily chores, calls, sms’s etc…  One of it was about fitness…

It made him really happy and proud when I brisk walked on the treadmill, and that too for 1 hour. I realized that I was being a bit too much when I used to complain about him coming home from work, and wanting to go for a jog and then after that, do his weights.  It IS a good thing, right? But I felt like as it is you are soo busy with work, come home also, you still do work and check your mails every 5 minutes on your phone, and yet you want to please the fitness obsession in you. Yeap, I was mean!

But I realize that it made you feel good. You get motivated in wanting lose weight and try to get to your target weight.  And exercise is the best therapy for low moods, so they say. 

When I burnt 437 calories on the treadmill, I was excited. When we got back from PD, I wanted to have ice cream, but then when I thought of the calories I consume in that one ice cream, and how long it took me to burn just 437 calories, I opted not to go for it. 

Now I can understand why hubby is soo particular about the food he eats. He keeps saying it’s so hard to eat out. Now I get it. 

All this is thanks to Elavarasan, from Fitness on Call. It was he who made hubby to get interested in being fit. It didn’t quite work on me at the beginning.  I guess I more wanted to learn how to swim than exercising! A good trainer will develop your interest in fitness, motivate and encourage you all the time. So thanks Ela! You are really good at what you do! Keep it up!

The result? Hubby from a size XL to M. Go figure!

We also have a new addition to our home – soon to be revealed!
Anyone wants a Gintell basic exercise bicycle? We are selling ours to make way for our new addition! ;)

For Sale!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Planning a trip

How well prepared can you be for a trip? 
I must say, I have been planning this trip for a long time. I wanted it to be hubby's birthday gift, and well, it became a wish come true!

He has never been to Singapore. And he is an animal lover.

And we all know, you wanna take the first step to see a real world-class zoo, you have to go to Singapore!

So I planned beginning of last year, that this year, it will be the year we go to Singapore.

I bought the tickets via Air Asia and eventually told him about it. He was definitely happy.

I think this trip will do us good. It's been enough of a roller coaster ride for us. It's time to relax, and enjoy ourselves!

No doubt the reason I kept postponing this birthday gift for him is because of the exchange rates.

But then I thought to myself, if I don't take the first step, I will always be thinking about the exchange rates!

I have
googled as much as I can about Singapore. What are must sees and must eats. But I think nothing can really prepare you for a trip. You just gotta get your ass there, and take every moment as it comes. Yes, I have been many times, but when I was much younger!

I have only planned our days - as in Day 1, what is the must to do thing, Day 2, etc ...

My aunt has been thoughtful enough to allow us to stay with her. I did make it clear to her that we will be out the whole day, and do not want her to feel offended in any way.
She's been a real cool aunt. Just that, after marriage, the keeping in touch became distant on my part. In fact, a little secret, she isn't even an aunt! By right, I am suppose to call her grandma. But she's too cool and 'young' to be called grandma! 

Well, let's see what experience lies ahead of us. I hope to make it the best birthday gift for hubby!
Singapore - here we come!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If you are not willing to read the negatives, please just stop here.

I am a person, wait, let me rephrase that, I was a person who prayed and believed in Him like He was my best friend. Spoke to Him like I was talking to a friend. I used to be able to wake up early, do my morning prayers, and then an Ardaas. Evening was the same, I would make time to do my evening prayers, again followed by the Ardaas. At night, if I am not too sleepy by the time I hit the sack, I will do my night prayers.

BUT since last year, I became someone who shouted at Him, hated Him at many occasions, was upset with Him almost all the time...

I did make peace with Him when we went to Melaka. I did apologize as well for misbehaving. But I haven't really gotten back on track with Him.

I am no hypocrite. I say for real what I do. Now I am not going to continue to say that ah, yes, I still pray etc etc.. when in actual fact, I don't. Maybe one day soon I will again. 

Hubby on the other hand, may not be the prayer kind, but his faith in Him is way more than me. I guess he has attained spiritual maturity, I haven't.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Failed 3rd cycle Clomid + 2nd cycle IUI

I guess I should say - what else is new? It does make me wonder. I did everything right. I didn't stress about it. I laid down for almost 45 minutes after the procedure. Was on bed rest that one day. I was told I should not eat too spicy, too sweet or too salty food. I did exactly just that, despite being well known for enjoying food with chillies! Oh, and the best part - don't lift anything heavy. Even a kettle filled with water! Now for me, that was a bit too much, but it's okay, I still followed.

I was positive - not in the bad way, but just relaxed about my two week wait. Didn't bother counting my days only until the second week. On Day 12, we went to a mandir - a Hindu temple, where we do go sometimes - and we were told by the priest that it did happen. He told me to be careful, to take care for the next two weeks. I was like - trust me, I am already taking care. I can't do more. I was also told to not think that I am going to get my period as I was having cramps etc. Ok, fine.

Then comes Day 16, Sat, approx 1.30pm, I had a chemical pregnancy. If you have experience a chemical pregnancy, you will know how it feels like. The pain, the clots (not the normal period clots), the heartache. 

But I don't feel anything this time. I don't know why. Perhaps I am too bitter about it? Or perhaps I just don't care. Whatever it is, it's good. At least I am not depressed. The only thing is, the pain is excruciating. I do not know how I dragged myself to work yesterday. Painkillers have been my best friend for the past 4 days. 

What's next you might ask? Nothing. For now. We have decided to do the laparoscopy and then take it from there. I believe it's the hydrosalpinx that has been causing these chemical pregnancies.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Much Needed Getaway

Yes, we finally had a short getaway. It was only for 1 night, 2 days - but it was the best getaway we have ever had so far.

It was a 2 hour journey to Malacca. Our first stop was the Gurdwara Sahib Malacca as I had decided to make peace with HIM. And what better place than the Gurdwara.

Since we still had some time before we could check in to this gorgeous resort in Ayer Keroh, we decided to drive / walk around the town. We went to Jonker's street. We then passed this place called Puri Padi, The Living Art. We walked in as we were attracted by landscape of the entrance to the shop.

We walked in, looked around, and bought this:
Then we walked around more, decided to have lunch...
After that, we decided to leave Malacca town and start our journey to Ayer Keroh. It took us approximately 40 minutes as the traffic was bad and there were tons of traffic lights!

We parked the car, and walked towards the Reception. We were asked to sit while they handle our check-in, and oh my God, both hubby and I were so impressed with the staff, the service, and the place (though we hadn't seen it all yet) - only on the brochure they gave us. We were given a cold towel and a welcome drink while we waited. Then we were taken to our room by a buggy. During our 3-5 minute ride, we were amazed at how beautiful the environment, scenery and best of all, the pool was! We could see the waterfall and the huge pool!

We got into our room, and we were in love with it! Take a look for yourself:

We freshened up, and headed right to the pool! We spent hours there, and it was just the two of us. Until a little later, there were some people who came, but total were not more than 10! Yeap, yeap, we went on a Sunday and returned on Monday  :)

Oh, and the best part is, I swam! Well, not perfectly and not continuously, but I swam!  And hubby was there with me right through in the pool! We have never ever spent this much time in the pool in any of our holidays. We also ordered fresh juices. Hubby's was pineapple and mine watermelon. It was really fresh and nice!

After the pool, hubby wanted to go to the gym. Mind you, the gym is in really good condition (forgot to take photos of the gym though).

Overall, the best holiday! Hubby loved the resort so much that he told me, if there's another chance like this (Groupon), to book it! All this is thanks to The Missus, who gave me the heads up on the voucher! xoxo to you!


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