Friday, April 20, 2012

Lord Avery's Pavillion

It's the best holiday / getaway we have ever had! Tops off even Philea! I guess it's because there's more to do in Avillion. Plus, you aren't isolated. A 5 min drive and you can already find places to eat. Plus the 24 hr pool is a big thing okay!

By evening of Day 1, we knew we can forget about wanting to try Thistle. We extended our stay for another night, and got the 3D2N package deal. Their customer service is really good. The staff even knows what to recommend for food. We had breakfast at the hotel (provided), and lunch at The Village Court on Day 1. We were told to try their pizza. So we went for their Four Seasons Pizza. It was absolutely delicious! 

We really used their facilities to the max. They also have a mini pet farm, which is really very well kept. No stinking smell of any sort. You can feed the pets between 10am to 11am daily. There's rabbits, chickens, peacocks, tortoise, doves - all living in harmony. It's really fun to see them all together in such a clean place. There's also a bird enclosure. First time I got to see peacocks at such close proximity. And the best of all was on Day 2 when the peacock fanned his feathers open! Yeah, call me "Jakun", but I've really never had to see one inches away from me. Got the opportunity to snap many photos of it!

Oh, did I mention, their pools are open 24 hours?! They have 3 pools in total - Adult Pool, Kids Pool, and a General Pool (Adults/Kids). Usually at night, we go to the General Pool to swim. Yes, I can swim! Freestyle that is! Oh and without having to have my head under water! Still learning.

The gym - on Day 1, hubby had already wanted to try the gym. I wasn't too keen. The gym is really well equipped. On Day 2, I tried out the treadmill. Was on it for 1 hour. Burnt 437 calories. I just kept telling myself, a bit more, a bit more. Finally it stopped on its own when it hit 1 hour! Hubby of course was into his cardio and weights.

They have 2 private beaches, Riau and Tumasek. Riau is where they have their beach activities. But we preferred Tumasek. Cleaner & quieter. You can always see their staff busy cleaning. Anytime of the day, you will see them doing work. No joke!

As for food, there are tons of eateries nearby. Hubby wanted to have BBQ buffet dinner, but most buffets are on Saturday and Sunday nights. We checked out on Saturday late afternoon. But we did try Seaview Seafood for dinner on Day 1. Really good service and good food. This was also recommended by a staff at Avillion. I am generally not a fan of seafood, but hubby is! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed. 

There's also this weird looking thing - geoduck. Looks more like a penis and the ball sack
Since hubby's bday falls during Vasakhi, we went to the Gurdwara around 2pm. There were not many people. We sat at the Darbar Sahib for a while and then went downstairs to the langgar hall. We were asked to have our lunch and we did. After quite a long time we actually did that. Then we also did some sewa in washing the dishes etc. It was a good trip to HIS humble abode. People there were very humble and minded their own business.

For hubby's birthday dinner (Fri), we decided to go to El Cactus. We've been there before on our trips to PD. Food was good. I loved my drink more!  It's more of a Mexican cuisine outlet. The ambiance is really nice & cozy. You can even go in to their bar and enjoy the music, or play pool. Unfortunately, the photos of the food were not clear. 

Overall, we spent less than RM1k for the accommodation, food and drinks, toll charges, petrol - everything! And we stayed in the best resort!

Whenever we used to go to PD, we used to say, ahh one day, we will stay here... and years go by, we actually now can afford to stay in places as such! I guess I must thank HIM for all this. So thank you Lord, for the blessings you have given us.

Avillion PD, you rock! The best nearby getaway & private resort! 

More photos in the next post! 

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