Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me love cooking!

Did I ever mention, I love to cook?
For some reason, cooking is like therapy to me.
Weird to some I suppose, but it's true. Shopping ain't a therapy!

When I got married, I did not have a clue on how to cook any dishes. I think I only knew how to do the simplest of it all - for own consumption only.

How I learnt real fast is because I couldn't eat my MIL's cooking. It was super unhealthy and too Malayish/Indonesianish for me. I have nothing against Malay food - I do like it, but not everyday. I am used to healthy, Punjabi food. And with chapatis. Not rice all the time. And when I saw the cooking utensils used, and the amount of oil was used - I was shocked. You know how an egg is fried? Just like how we poach eggs, this was "poached" in oil.

After a couple of months, I made hubby to take a blood test as my annual test was due. He was never into healthy lifestyle. And I was worried when I discovered how my MIL cooked, and that my FIL had passed away at an early age of heart attack. Needless to say, his cholesterol was sky high. That's when I decided, I have to do something if I want my husband to live a healthier life, and hopefully that would lead to a longer life too.

I began researching on the use of olive oil compared with carotino oil. Of course carotino won in many ways esp that it can be used for cooking in high heat.
Believe it or not, I can cook without oil. Sometimes the medium bottle of oil can last me for a year! And yeah, I have to throw it away especially when the scent changes due to oxidization.

Anyway, here's some photos. Will try to come up with better photos and include recipes as well. 

Mix salad with hard boil egg and chicken fingers

Ala maggie goreng but with yee mee

Prawns, long beans, egg & brown rice

Top: Meehun / Bihun     Bottom left: Mee goreng   Bottom right: Fettucini with beans, capsicum and sausages

Punjabi style with masala - Brocolli with sweet potato, cucumbers & chilly with sardine - all with chapatti

Pan fried ala grill chicken with boiled brocolli and cheese with poached eggs

Cantonese yee mee

Home made chicken burgers (from scratch)

Left: Pan fried chicken with brocolli, carrots and cheese   Right: Simple pasta

Home made burgers with no buns instead salad to replace the buns


  1. Impressive babe. I'd love to make chapati one day but dont know how to. My mom makes good chapati though should learn from her. Didnt know your MIL cooked unhealthily coz I thought women from those days cook in a healthy manner.

  2. I used to never be able to make chapatis. It always turned out hard. And I for one don't believe in putting oil/ghee and salt in the flour when kneading. Until and only until I found Pillsbury Chakki Atta Flour. I will try to post about my version of making chapatis soon.

    Hahaha healthy? That word didn't exist in her dictionary. As long as it's tasty. I used to think that too, so can you imagine my shock when I saw how food was made. So much so I stopped having dinner until I learnt how to cook.

  3. Hey my mom uses that too! Oh yes your chapati lessons would be much appreciated, hehe. Tutoriaaaaall!! :)

  4. Heheh Hope to get on it soon! I ain't no expert though... so just go with it lah ha? Heheh


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