Monday, April 9, 2012

A Much Needed Getaway

Yes, we finally had a short getaway. It was only for 1 night, 2 days - but it was the best getaway we have ever had so far.

It was a 2 hour journey to Malacca. Our first stop was the Gurdwara Sahib Malacca as I had decided to make peace with HIM. And what better place than the Gurdwara.

Since we still had some time before we could check in to this gorgeous resort in Ayer Keroh, we decided to drive / walk around the town. We went to Jonker's street. We then passed this place called Puri Padi, The Living Art. We walked in as we were attracted by landscape of the entrance to the shop.

We walked in, looked around, and bought this:
Then we walked around more, decided to have lunch...
After that, we decided to leave Malacca town and start our journey to Ayer Keroh. It took us approximately 40 minutes as the traffic was bad and there were tons of traffic lights!

We parked the car, and walked towards the Reception. We were asked to sit while they handle our check-in, and oh my God, both hubby and I were so impressed with the staff, the service, and the place (though we hadn't seen it all yet) - only on the brochure they gave us. We were given a cold towel and a welcome drink while we waited. Then we were taken to our room by a buggy. During our 3-5 minute ride, we were amazed at how beautiful the environment, scenery and best of all, the pool was! We could see the waterfall and the huge pool!

We got into our room, and we were in love with it! Take a look for yourself:

We freshened up, and headed right to the pool! We spent hours there, and it was just the two of us. Until a little later, there were some people who came, but total were not more than 10! Yeap, yeap, we went on a Sunday and returned on Monday  :)

Oh, and the best part is, I swam! Well, not perfectly and not continuously, but I swam!  And hubby was there with me right through in the pool! We have never ever spent this much time in the pool in any of our holidays. We also ordered fresh juices. Hubby's was pineapple and mine watermelon. It was really fresh and nice!

After the pool, hubby wanted to go to the gym. Mind you, the gym is in really good condition (forgot to take photos of the gym though).

Overall, the best holiday! Hubby loved the resort so much that he told me, if there's another chance like this (Groupon), to book it! All this is thanks to The Missus, who gave me the heads up on the voucher! xoxo to you!


  1. YAY you blogged about the trip. Photos look good. SOOO glad you had a GREAT time!! Btw we have something similar to the buddha statue you bought.

  2. Yeah, finally I did! Hahah All thanks to you babe!
    Aahh hubby is now into collecting these kinda statues... esp Buddha. I'm sure when we go to Phuket for his co trip we will buy more stuff like these!

    Can't wait to blog about Avillion. To sort the photos is so tedious!


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